10 Best Weight Loss Tips to Fit into your Dream Wedding Outfit

Whether it’s a lehenga, saree or a gown, every would-be bride would no doubt dream about “slipping into” her wedding outfit rather than “squeeze into” it, to look no less than a million dollars on her wedding day. On one of the most important days of your life, it should not be a nightmare squeezing into the most gorgeous outfit that you had always dreamt of because some extra pounds decided to play spoilsport. So, all you brides out there, check out these 10 best weight loss tips to fit into your dream wedding outfit and not squeeze into it.

Best Weight Loss Tips to Fit into your Dream Wedding Outfit

1. Get on an Awesome Weight Loss Diet: If you are trying hard to shed extra weight, there’s no better way than to straighten out your diet and to help you do that, there’s no diet program better than on Rati Beauty app. Do check out the speed slim challenge if you are a bride to be with little time on the hand.

2. Stay off Processed White Foods: Not all white food is processed, but then, most processed food are actually white! White foods items such as white rice, refined flour, white sugar have loads of empty calories, devoid of any nutrients, that quickly cause blood sugar spikes, leading to weight gain. To lose weight, you have to think about cutting calories and staying off white foods is a good place to start. Here’s the list of “9 White Foods To Avoid For Weight Loss and What to Eat Instead.”

3. Practice NEAT: Being on your feet throughout the day helps in burning calories and keeps metabolism robust. One hour of gymming is never enough to lose weight, keep moving throughout the day and practice NEAT activities. NEAT stands for non-exercise activity thermogenesis and is the energy we use for everything we do in our day-to-day life except for when we are sleeping or exercising. Using the stairs instead of the lift, squatting on the floor to lift something up, walking while talking on the phone, every activity we do while being on our feet, comes under NEAT. All these activities help to burn some amount of calories and these bits of calories spent here and there, add up to a considerable amount when you are trying to lose weight. Read more about how you can include NEAT activities in your daily life here.

4. Follow Workout Routines on the Rati Beauty app: Burn fat in the comfort of your home without any fancy gym equipment by following fat-burning exercise routines on the Rati Beauty app.

5. Switch to Locally-Produced Vegetables and Fruits: Include locally grown foods, vegetables, and fruits because that ensures that you are getting the freshest and higher quality of nutrients. Most commonly, nutrient and vitamin deficiencies can cause difficulty in losing weight, so make sure you are eating nutrient-dense locally grown foods. Avoid canned, frozen, or processed food up until your wedding day and beyond to stay healthy and fit.

6. Stay off Refined Sugar: The biggest benefit of cutting down refined sugar is weight loss! If one consumes more sugar, the body will convert the glucose from sugar source to fat and store it in the cells. By staying off sugar, you will not be providing the body fuel for fat storage (glucose) and by following a good diet, you would be able to shed weight really well and get your dream body and goal weight quickly.

7. Stay off Junk Food: You would not like to see a nasty pimple or two on your wedding day, nor extra pounds hanging on you, would you? Junk/fast food comes loaded with high sodium and oil content which get stored in the body as fat, particularly around the abdominal area. Excess salt can increase water retention leading to bloating and puffiness as well. So, quit fast food and switch to healthy and whole foods. Also, make it a point to stay away from beverages and aerated soft drinks to avoid weight gain.

8. Find Ways to Destress: All that elaborate planning – from outfit to makeup, to even finding the right kind of bridal shoes can cause a lot of undue stress, especially if you are a bride-to be with just a few days left for your wedding. A lot of brides take a lot of stress even with little things, but stress itself can lead to weight gain, and stall weight loss completely. So, you have to absolutely find ways to de-stress and luckily, we have mentioned “10 Tips to Lower Stress in order to Lose Weight” in this post.

9. Drink Enough Water: Don’t forget to drink water as much as you can, even on your wedding day. Drinking plain water has multiple benefits – it flushes out toxins, suppresses appetite, aids in fat burning, makes skin glow, and fights the bloat. We cannot stress enough how water can do amazing things for your body, including aiding in weight loss. Keep your body hydrated to boost sluggish metabolism and also to get rid of weight retention and bloating. So, sip on water at every chance that you get, even if you aren’t exactly thirsty.

10. Do Not Wake up Until you Get 7 Hours of Sleep: Last but not the least, we cannot stress enough on the importance of getting good-quality sleep for everyone who is trying to lose weight. Sleep deprivation can send fat-burning enzymes and essential hormones into a tizzy, increasing hunger hormone “ghrelin,” stress hormone “cortisol,” and lowering satiety hormone “leptin.” Get enough sleep during the night because spending too much time on the phone at night, binging on shows, can disturb your sleep pattern leading to slow metabolism, increase in hunger hormone (ghrelin), decrease in fullness hormone (leptin), increased cortisol level leading to fat storage, and decreased insulin sensitivity. Follow a strict sleep schedule, avoid using phone late into the night, and finish your last meal before 7 pm to get better sleep. All said and done, everyone needs to get their 8 hours of beauty sleep. Not getting enough sleep can destroy your weight loss goals by slowing down your metabolism and preventing the body from burning calories.

These were a little tips, if clubbed together will go a long way in making you looking nothing less than a queen or a princess on your wedding day. Incorporate them in your life, and yes, Wish you a Happy Married Life!

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