10 Beta Carotene Rich Foods That Would Make you Look Younger

Healthy food can do amazing things, like helping you lose weight, but you can also flaunt flawless skin by eating the right kind of food. Beta-carotene in particular, can prevent premature ageing and make you look younger by promoting growth of new skin cells, keeping skin smooth and wrinkle free. Beta carotene, which gets converted to vitamin A inside the body, is an antioxidant that not only protects skin cells from damage, they are extremely vital for cellular repair as well. Beta carotene increases the skin’s defense against UV radiation too. The amazing news is that you can loads of beta carotene from natural and locally available foods, and if you dream about wrinkle-free, smooth skin, do make a conscious effort to include these colorful foods into your daily routine. Since they are low in calories as well, you can expect to drop some pounds as well. Just a small pointer – since vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin, including healthy fats such as nuts, would help in better absorption and bioavailability of this important nutrient for skin. So, here’s the list of 10 beta carotene rich foods that would make you look younger.

Beta Carotene Rich Foods That Would Make you Look Younger

1. Pumpkin: Don’t wait till fall to “fall” in love with pumpkins because they are loaded with beta carotene, more so when they have been cooked. Also, do check out “6 Highly Effective Pumpkin Face Packs.”

2. Carrot: If you did not already know this, we would like to point out that carrots are nutritional powerhouses and boost the natural glow and make skin radiant and glowing.

3. Spinach: Green leafy vegetables, particularly spinach, has high amount of beta carotene along with other skin-beneficial ingredients such as magnesium, iron, calcium, and folate.

4. Red and Yellow Bell Peppers: Along with vitamin C (antioxidant), yellow and red peppers also have good amount beta carotene level, and you can add them up in your salads as well.

5. Green Peas: It’s in the list of everyone’s favorite vegetable and you can cook them in a variety of ways to get good amount of this nutrient.

6. Coriander Leaves/Cilantro: Fresh coriander leaves add so much flavour to even basic dishes, and now that they are great for skin, just remember to add them by a bunch in your cooking.

7. Cayenne Pepper: It’s a thermogenic food that helps to burn more calories and good for skin too with beta carotene value as well.

8. Broccoli: You can get around 70 mcg of beta carotene in one cup of cooked broccoli, and this low-calorie vegetable will help cut calories too.

9. Sweet Potatoes: You can guess by the bright color of this vegetable that it is rich in beta carotene, in fact, with its skin on, sweet potatoes have seven times more beta carotene.

10. Apricots: Both dry and fresh varieties of apricot have this skin-beneficial nutrient, so snack on them whenever they are available in late summer months in India.

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