10 Ways to Remove Fine Facial Hair

In the past, women were skeptical about removing facial hair because there were less options available there, but these days, Instagram and YouTube is filled with videos on removing facial hair. Honestly, if we tell people that we shave facial hair, they would just freak out! Since face is the first feature anyone observes, it needs to be well groomed! Are you someone who wants to get rid of facial hair and don’t know which method to try? This article will answer all your questions! In this post, we would be discussing 10 ways to remove peach fuzz.

Ways to Remove Fine Facial Hair

What is Peach Fuzz?

It’s that fine hair which shows up only when you zoom high resolution facial pics.  It’s lighter, softer, finer, that is detectable only on close observation.

10 Ways to Remove Fine Facial Hair:

1. Shaving: Shaving has always been considered a man thing and a decade ago it would have been a taboo if women shaved their face. Personally, I thought the same way until a friend (beauty blogger) suggested me to try shaving, I wasn’t sure but since she is my best friend, I had to listen! Always use a good razor designed only for women-facial shaving, you can get it at a beauty store or online. Below I’m listing the pros and cons of shaving for you to get a better idea.

2. Waxing: This is an age0old method and is widely popular throughout the world where wax is applied on the surface of the skin in the direction of hair growth and pulled off using a waxing strip in the opposite direction, the skin is smooth and soft for days and weeks. There are two types of wax; traditional sugar wax and flavoured wax. You can do a patch test and choose wax according your likings. Let’s have a look at its pros and cons.

3. Tweezing: This method is perfect for smaller sections of the face like eyebrows or chin, since it would take ages to get your side burns tweezed. Tweezing is done with a tweezer that allows you to pluck one hair at a time. It’s a handy tool and most women reach out for it. This tool is ideal for women who have fewer hair on face.

4. Threading: This technique is an ancient method of hair removal and was found in the Middle East. The practitioner will run a cotton thread across the face an along a twisting motion which enable hair removal by the follicles. The best area to thread on face is eyebrows as it creates that perfect definition. But you can use threading on upper lips and side buns.

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5. Depilatory Creams: This is another very convenient way to remove peach fuzz. There are two types hair removal creams – regular ones which are used for the body and facial depilatory creams are designed only for facial skin, we recommend using the facial hair removal cream as regular creams are too harsh and can cause severe burn and redness.

6. Laser hair removal: This is a popular hair removal process and mostly accepted. In this method, a laser is used to target hair pigment which damages. It is usually used on upper lip, side burns, and chin. It is permanent hair removal process which requires 8-12 sittings depending on a persons hair growth. The process begins with shaving of hair, and then the dermatologist applies gel before using the laser device to target hair roots. With regular sessions, the hair growth is considerably reduced.

7. Sugaring: This method has been used since centuries and is loved by most users. It is a traditional way of hair removal yet it is more gentle than waxing. A thick sugary paste is applied on the surface in the direction of hair growth, it is pulled off in the opposite direction. According to experts, it lasts longer than waxing, it usually lasts for a month or two depending on individual hair growth.

8. Dermaplaning: Dermaplaning is a safe and a very effective procedure in which a blade is used to scrape the topmost layer of the epidermis which results in the skin being leveled and exfoliated and the best benefit of this is that it gets rid of all the fine vellus hair on your face which is commonly known as “peach fuzz.” Now, the prospect of taking a blade to the face might seem intimidating to some and I was no stranger to this concern. But after some research, I found out that this procedure is extremely safe even for sensitive skin and in fact if you have sensitive skin, it is recommended that you go for this treatment as opposed to turning to its harsher alternative which is “microdermabrasion.” Dermaplaning is a non-invasive procedure for manual exfoliation of skin in which a surgical No. 10 blade is held at a 45 degree angle and used on dry face in quick downward swipes in a manner similar to “shaving.” No, it does not hurt at all. At most, you feel a slight scraping of your skin which is not at all uncomfortable. Your skin care provider may use a AHA/BHA peel or a hydration mask following the procedure to maximize the benefits because after the exfoliation process, your skin more readily absorbs the benefits of products. Read more about the “Dermaplaning” procedure here.

9. Electrolysis: This hair removal process involves the use of small needle which is inserted into the opening of the skin where the hair starts growing. Then, electricity is passed through the needle which kills the hair follicle. It generally takes 1-2 minutes to destroy a single hair follicle. Well, being one of the most common hair removal processes, most of the people opt for this process. Before considering this hair removal treatment, you should know the side effects of it. Read more about the procedure “Electrolysis” in this post.

10. Bleaching: A lot of women opt for bleaching to hide soft facial hair, blemishes or to bring some glow to our dull skin. Bleach not only lightens the facial hair it lightens our complexion also. It evens out the pigmentation marks and other spots thereby making the skin look flawless. But the point to be kept in mind here is that this effect stays for just 15-20 days. After this, the natural complexion of your face will come back. And you will again feel the need to apply facial bleach again.

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