11 Alarming Signs that you Need to Lose Weight Right Now

There are subtle signs that the body sends out that excess body fat is interfering with its day-to-day functions, but often we tend to ignore such signs until lifestyle diseases and health problems creep and then snowball into bigger issues, that most definitely need medications and medical help to treat. A majority of people think only about losing weight when they want to fit into smaller size clothes; however, there are far more important reasons for why you need to lose extra pounds right now. Particularly, if you have been noticing these subtle signs, then make that extremely important decision to get fit and healthy right from this moment.

Alarming Signs that you Need to Lose Weight Right Now

1. Your Periods are Irregular: Excess weight has been found to cause glucose intolerance which directly affects insulin function and leads to insulin resistance. All these factors add up and interfere with menstrual cycle, making periods irregular. A healthy diet and an active lifestyle, and weight loss can help normalize periods to a good degree. Do try losing excess weight to regulate menstrual cycle.

2. Your Skin has Lost its Glow and there a lot of skin issues: A lot of skin issues like dull skin, acne, blemishes, can be due to high inflammation in the body and hormonal imbalances (one reason is excess weight). Additionally, if your diet lacks nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, it can wreak havoc on your skin. The good news is that with the right kind of weight loss diet, such as the Rati Beauty diet, one can correct all these skin problems.

3. You are Prediabetic: Increased body fat percentage, especially belly fat happens due to insulin resistance. People in the prediabetic category are at a higher risk of developing full-fledge type 2 diabetes. Lose weight the right way to come out of the prediabetes category.

4. You are Always Hungry: Wondering why you are in a constant state of hunger all the time with an insatiable appetite? Blame it on your diet which might be reason behind excess body fat as well. If your daily diet is full of hyperpalatable food that comprises mostly of refined and processed food, lacking nutrients and vitamins, your body will constantly crave for nutrition and energy, keeping you in a constant state of hunger. Also, excess weight interferes with hormones, especially leptin which is the fullness hormone, making it less functional, and that’s probably one reason why you are always hungry.

5. You Wake up in a Hangry Mood: Eating a lot of refined carbs can cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels, with sharp spikes and steep slumps, and when sugar drops extremely low in the morning, you wake up in an extremely irritable and hangry, seeking sugar sources to calm the nerves.

6. Your Family says you have Started to Snore: People around you dread the moment you close your eyes to take a nap because you snore really badly! With weight gain, the fat deposits around the neck narrow the airway, making one snore. To stop snoring, lose weight!

7. The Waist Circumference is Increasing: If the buttons on your pants have started practicing social distancing from each other, it’s time to get on a weight loss diet and get a good pair of running shoes because belly fat can increase one’s risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease by a great degree.

8. You are Experiencing Mood Swings: There have been various studies that point towards a direct link between obesity and anxiety, increasing the risk of someone falling into depression by a great degree.

9. You are Tired All The Time: Lack of physical inactivity, fluctuation in hormones, lack of nutrients, and bad sleep which are all linked to weight gain can keep you in a perpetual state of tiredness. Lose weight to regain your energy and stamina, and get fit in the process as well.

10. Headaches Happen Every Other Day: Obesity raises inflammation in the body, and apart from joint pains, headaches are a common complaint.

11. Hair Fall is Giving you Sleepless Nights: Obesity can exacerbate hormonal issues such as PCOD and thyroid, which can trigger hair fall and hair thinning. Check out the weight loss diets on the Rati Beauty app on how to lose weight by eating nutritious and healthy food, and reap amazing benefits like glowing skin and healthy hair as well.

If you have been noticing any of these signs, download the Rati Beauty app and find out healthy ways to lose weight.

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