11 Laziest Ways to Lose Weight

Weight loss is a complex process and the correct kind of diet, exercise, and a bit of effort is required to drop pounds and layers of fat. Even though there’s absolutely no replacement for a healthy diet and exercise, we can think of some lazy ways which can help you shed a few extra pounds here and there. But let us be very specific here, no significant weight loss would happen without the right kind of diet, and one has to practice mindful eating, portion control, and maintain a calorie deficit to lose weight. So, coming back to the topic, here are some laziest ways to lose weight that we could think of:

Laziest Ways to Lose Weight

1. Sip on Green Tea: As we have mentioned previously too, the antioxidants, flavonoid, and caffeine content all boost metabolism and help with burning of calories
2. Fidget those Legs Whenever you can: What! Yes, apparently, people who fidget their legs through the day can burn significantly more calories than people who are standing still! So, make use of the TV time, and fidget those legs to lose up to 300 calories in a day!
3. Drink Chilled Water: It is believed that the body uses more energy to bring the cold water to body temperature, helping you burn some extra calories.
4. Fill half of your plate with Vegetables: Since we assume you are eating mindfully, why not fill that plate with veggies to add loads of nutrition, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to your body.
5. Eat Spicy Food: Amp up the chilli factor in your meals because capsaicin content in peppers can shoot up the metabolism, raise thermogenesis, and burn more calories.
6. Sleep well: Okay, lazy people will love this tip – sleep as much as you can at night and wake up with a robust metabolism and recharged supply of fat-burning hormones.
7. Drink Water: Drink as much as water as you can and keep the appetite in control.
8. Eat Zero-Calorie Food: Read all about them here.
9. Feel the Chill: Feeling a bit cold is thought to increase the amount of energy and calories required to keep the body warm.
10. Sniff up on Peppermint Oil: This essential oil, when inhaled, is thought to suppress appetite and prevent unwanted cravings, which means no surplus calories.
11. Rati Beauty: All the weekly diets on Rati Beauty Weight Loss program help you to lose weight effortlessly by helping you eat healthy. Download the app now!

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