12 Facts About Burning Fat you Thought Were True

Losing weight can become pretty much a cakewalk when you separate myths from facts. When you steer away from the right methods, it becomes really difficult to shed extra pounds. What’s surprising is most people fall prey to these false ideas that are promoted as “weight loss facts,” that makes the whole weight loss process a constant battle. That’s why in this post, we have listed down 12 facts about burning fat you thought were true, but actually, they are far removed from reality, and can sometimes stall your weight loss process. So, let’s get to them one by one:

Facts About Burning Fat you Thought Were True

1. Less Food, Faster Weight Loss: Severely restricting calories and food deprivation can affect the smooth running of body functions, including the fat-burning one. Crash dieting would leave you with little or absolutely no energy to do workouts or exercise and your body would lower metabolism and cling on to fat stores with a vengeance. So, there you go – multiple reasons why you should not try crash diet. That’s why following Rati Beauty weight loss diets on the Rati Beauty promote eating the right kind of food and push the body to burn fat layers, resulting in inch loss and drop in kilograms.
2. We Can Spot Reduce Fat from Problem Areas: This is the biggest myth flying around and it needs to be tackled right now. While spot reducing fat is not a feasible theory; with the correct form of exercise and diet program such as on Rati Beauty, you can definitely trim your overall body and tone the problem area.

3. Detox Teas can Burn Fat: Our body is pretty much efficient at detoxing itself and no one has ever lost weight by drinking just detox teas. They can at best boost weight loss efforts, but never can work on their own in melting away fat. Rely only on healthy eating and an active lifestyle to shed weight.
4. You can Eat Healthy Foods in Unlimited Amount: This is another wrong theory being promoted by fad diets – that there’s no need to count calories with healthy food, but you need to practice portion control with every food that’s on your plate! In this post, we list down 14 healthy foods you are probably overeating and might be the reason you are gaining weight.
5. Weight Loss Supplements Help Melt Fat: There is no scientific proof that these weight loss supplements that are promoted as fat cutters and melters actually work. It’s better to stay away from such gimmicky products and follow the right methods such as dieting to lose weight.
6. You Can Turn Fat into Muscle by Working Out: The stored fat can never be turned into muscle because both are two different types of tissues. With dieting and exercising, the fat gets converted into energy form and used up by the body. It does not get converted into muscle, period!
7. The More you Sweat, the More Fat is Burnt: Busting another myth – the more you sweat, the more fat you have burnt! Sweating is a phenomenon through which the body regulates the temperature and profuse sweating is not directly proportional to weight loss.
8. All Calories are Equal: Quality is equally important as quantity when it comes to calories because not all calories are created equal. Eating 500 calories of pizza is not equal to eating 500 calories of brown rice and vegetables where you are getting loads of healthy carbs, protein, vitamins, and minerals that would aid in the fat-burning process, whereas 500 calories of pizza is full of empty calories without any vitamin, protein or fiber content and would only add to the existing pounds.
9. Surviving on Superfoods Will Lead to Weight Loss: Superfoods pack a lot of nutrients in a small quantity, and they do help boost weight loss, but surviving on superfoods alone, and that too without portion control will not lead to weight loss. Any type of food needs portion control, same theory applies to superfoods.
10. Give up Bananas to Lose Weight: Many people believe bananas lead to rapid weight gain and shun away this fruit completely from their diet. But eating bananas in moderation can aid weight loss with its rich potassium, fiber, calcium and nutrient content. Having one or two bananas in a day would never hurt your weight loss goals. In fact, check out these Clever Ways to Eat Bananas in a Weight Loss Diet.
11. Drink Protein Shakes All Day Long to Lose Weight: Protein is a macronutrient which is essential in the fat-burning process; however, too much protein can get converted to fat, and it would eventually lead to weight gain. Eat a balanced diet, practice portion control, and lose weight by eating the right kind of food – find such weight loss diets on the Rati Beauty app.
12. Stay Away from All Forms of Fat: Do not avoid fat like a plague when trying to shed extra pounds, in fact, eating the right kind of fats can make you thin. On the contrary, if you have to cut anything out completely, do cut back on sugar. Fats do not spike insulin like carbs and as we all know, “insulin” is a hormone that also triggers fat storage. When there is too much insulin in the blood stream, there are more chances of it getting stored as fat. So, healthy fats do not trigger the release of excess insulin, thereby slowing down the process of fat storage. Additionally, healthy fats are absolutely necessary for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E which are necessary in the fat-burning process. So, make a conscious effort to include healthy fats in your diet to shed weight.

Summing up, steer clear from these myths and lose weight successfully applying the right methods.

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