12 Foods you Think Are Unhealthy For Weight Loss But Aren’t

Eating the right kind of foods can make your weight loss journey smooth and bump free, but the catch lies in how to identify what’s right and what’s not. “Fats,” and all of them, were considered extremely bad for weight loss until a few decades ago have suddenly been recognized as weight loss boosters! So, you have to re-learn what foods are good for weight loss and try to include them in your diet, the way Rati Beauty weight loss diets do to help you shed extra fat and weight. In this post, we list out foods you think are unhealthy but arent for weight loss, so that you no longer deprive yourself of these amazing goodies.

Foods you Think Are Unhealthy but arent

1. Whole Eggs (Not Just Egg Whites): Eggs are nutritionally dense and avoiding the yolk and picking just the whites to avoid “fat” on a weight loss diet is not prudent. Yolks have some amazing nutrients and trace minerals that our body absolutely needs to run all its processes, including the fat-burning process. Now, it’s a fact that people who are trying to lose weight pick only egg whites because yolks are supposedly high in cholesterol, but a single egg contains around 210 mg of dietary cholesterol, whereas we should be watching out for saturated fats and ​transfats that move up the bad choleserol. Eggs are relatively safe because they do not have transfat and one egg has only about 1.5 gm of saturated fat. Eggs also come packed with protein and more than a dozen vitamins and minerals, including zinc, folate, iron, phosphorous, riboflavin and vitamins A, D, E, and also vitamin B12. Eggs are a rich source of all essential amino acids and boost metabolism, and that’s why, if your diet permits just two or less eggs, eat them whole!

2. Sweet Potatoes: Even if you are not trying to lose weight, sweet potatoes should be part of your diet because though this vegetable has carbs, it is also rich in provitamin A (from beta-carotene), vitamin C and potassium. Cooked sweet potato contains about 18 to 21% carbs. This carb content consists of starch, sugar and fiber. Sweet potato is also rich in antioxidants and may help reduce oxidative damage, lowering the risk of several diseases. Since these potatoes are low in calories, you can have them without going out of calorie deficit.

3. Popcorn: No, we are not talking about the microwavable variety that come in pouches and bags (extremely unhealthy) – we are referring to corn kernels that come unflavoured. These are a perfect snack because they are low in calories, and have fiber content, and you can have them as a guilt-free snack.

4. Chocolate: Not the milk and gooey ones, we are talking about dark chocolate with at least 75% cocoa content with MUFAs or monosaturated fatty acids because they come under the “healthy fat” category and help to boost metabolism, reduces the absorption of carbs. The polyphenols in dark chocolate helps to improve insulin sensitivity and in stabilizing blood sugar levels. In fact, polyphenols can delay and prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes. Also, the high antioxidant content in dark chocolate such as polyphenols, flavanols, and catechins, and theobromine stimulate fat breakdown and promote the growth of friendly bacteria in the gut. Studies have found that people who ate a flavonoid-rich diet have lower body fat.

5. Bananas: Just like eggs, banana is nutrient dense and has a lot of vitamins and minerals, along with being high in fiber, but you do have to be careful about how many bananas you consume in a day because one medium-sized banana can have up to 104 calories; not to mention, the riper the banana, the more sugar content it has. Have your banana the right way, as mentioned on the Rati Beauty app, and you can lose weight the healthy way.

6. Carbs: The first step that people who seriously think about losing weight take is to eliminate every form of carbohydrates from their daily diet. Carbs are considered to be the main culprit affecting weight gain and obesity. However, are all carbohydrates bad and should you go totally zero carbs if you want to slim down? Absolutely not! Do you know carbs can be broadly categorized into two sections – good carbs and bad carbs. All carbohydrates are not bad – refined carbs or processed carbs cause rapid insulin spikes whereas complex carbohydrates provide energy to the body and get digested slowly without causing insulin spikes. Carbohydrates that comes from plants are rich in vitamins and essential nutrients which the body needs for normal functioning and it is not right to deprive the body completely of carbs. So, these are some of the “Best Carbs to Eat for Weight Loss.”

7. Ghee: Cow’s ghee, particularly, the one that is grass fed, has been found to have amazing health benefits and actually helps one slim down and lose weight. Ghee is popular in weight loss circles due to its ability to mobilize fatty acids so that they can be burnt up and in reducing belly fat. There’s a huge misconception that you should refrain from eating any kind of fat while being on a weight loss diet. Ghee surely has fats, almost 99.9% of it is fat, but it’s in saturated form, and only when consumed beyond a certain quantity, will it have adverse effects. In fact, Kareena Kapoor, who knows how to slim down like a boss, makes it a point to add desi ghee to her every meal.

8. Healthy Fats: We would be debunking the biggest myth going around in the world of weight loss right now – that eating fat makes you fat! Faulty research with unsubstantiated claims have made “fats” a villain and the main factor that causes heart problems and make you gain weight. Due to all these reasons, large chunk of population is avoiding all forms of fats like a plague. In fact, it’s a popular myth that if you want to lose weight, you should cut out “fat” completely from the diet or at least go “low fat.” Those fatty foods that you have long avoided to avoid weight gain can actually make you thin. Believe it or not, fat is an essential part of healthy diet, and if you have been avoiding it based on popular myth, it’s the right time to make a turn. On the contrary, if you have to cut anything out completely, do cut back on sugar. You can find that Rati Beauty weight loss programs uses healthy fats quite a lot in their diet programs to achieve weight loss. Read about some healthy fats that you should be absolutely having on a daily basis.

9. Walnuts/Cashews/Pistas: Nuts are high in fat and calories, but that doesn’t mean that eating them will make you gain weight. In fact, nuts help to boost the whole weight loss process, but do practice portion control with nuts too, limiting consumption to just 5 each or less.

10. Cheese: Research says that cheese is lower in fat and calories compared to mayonnaise (which is majorly made of oil). In fact, you can pick parmesan cheese since it adds just 22 calories and 1 gm of fat per tablespoon. It has more calcium and protein than any other cheese and would help increase metabolism resulting in faster fat loss.

11. Peanut Butter: Wanna find out how to make your plain oats super delicious? Just add a tbsp of peanut butter! In two tablespoons, you can get about 15 grams of fat, that fat is the heart-healthy, monosaturated kind (like olive oil). Peanut butter also helps with appetite regulation, since it’s packed with fiber and protein. It also contains health-enhancing vitamin E, potassium and vitamin B6. And research shows that consuming peanuts can decrease your risk of diabetes, heart disease and other chronic health conditions.

12. Gluten: It has become really fancy to avoid gluten on a weight loss diet, but there are no studies that have found a link to avoiding gluten and dropping of weight. “Gluten” is considered the new villain along with “all form of carbs” in certain weight loss rule books! People with celiac disease are intolerant to the protein gluten that’s commonly found in wheat, rye, barley, cereals, and other grains, but if someone is not intolerant, there’s no need to avoid this protein since no concrete studies have found a link between gluten-free diet and weight loss. Going on a gluten-free diet will prevent you from getting essential nutrients and vitamins that are necessary for the fat-burning process. Your weight loss journey might in fact slow down without these nutrients which are easily available through these cereals and grains that also have gluten.

Also, we would advise you all to buy a kitchen weighing scale so that you can measure the quantities before cooking, this will help you to practice portion control. Always remember – weight loss is not the goal, fat loss is! Losing inches that will be gone for good is better than a fluctuating weighing scale.

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