14 Possible Explanations for Why you are Not Losing Weight

Ever wondered why even after spending hours together sweating out in the gym and surviving completely on salads, you are not able to get to your dream weight and drop extra weight. As we have always maintained, weight loss is a complex process and the right kind of diet and exercise can accelerate this whole process. We women never shirk from investing our time and energy to achieve the skin and body we desire, but sometimes we do not pay attention to minute details, and that’s why we take it upon ourselves to bring your notice to these tiny yet really important issues which could actually explain the reason behind your inability to drop significant weight. So, read on:

Possible Explanations for Why you are Not Losing Weight

1. Not Following the Right Kind of Weight Loss Diet: Without eating right, weight loss will not happen! Even if you spend two hours in the gym, the weighing scale would not move in your favour if there’s no calorie deficit established through dieting. That’s why following the right kind of weight loss diet is imperative to burn fat, and Rati Beauty Weight Loss diets on the Rati Beauty app help to drop extra weight the healthy way without compromising on nutrition. Also, diet food is not “meh” and “bland” anymore on these weekly diet programs.

2. Sticking to the Same Workout: Initially when you were working out, a certain exercise may have really helped you lose weight, but after a certain period of time, that exercise may not really work the same way as it did earlier and the reason is that our muscles have memory too. They get used to your routine and don’t work as hard as before so you end up burning fewer calories. So, it’s prudent to change your exercise routine to continue to drop weight.

3. You are Buying Unhealthy Food: Go slow on foods that have nutrition labels pasted on them. Pick real and whole foods which have all their nutrition intact.

4. Not Portion Controlling Healthy Food: Yes, even healthy needs to be taken in moderation, and portion control is an essential aspect that helps you to get in calorie deficit. Even if you are eating salad all through the day, consume it in moderation.

5. Distracted Eating: You are binge watching a popular series on TV while eating dinner or you prefer having lunch sitting on your work desk, in front of your computer – these are some classic examples of mindless and distracted eating where you don’t even realise how much you have eaten (actually overeaten). Have scheduled meal timings and eat in peace and without any distractions, and be aware of fullness signals that your brain sends.

6. Lack of Sleep: It is a fact that 6-8 hours of sleep is mandatory for good health and to get lean. If you are not getting a full night’s sleep, metabolism slows down and the level of stress hormone cortisol and hunger hormone rises. As a result, you would wake up ravenous the next morning with low energy. Lack of sleep greatly increases the risk of obesity, so get 7 hours of beauty shut eye every night, and melt away those extra pounds in sleep.

7. Nutritional Deficiencies: Deficiency of vitamin D, calcium, iron, magnesium can all affect metabolism and the pace at which the body burns fat. If our metabolism is low, the body stores calories instead of burning them up. Include nutrient-dense food in your daily diet to level up metabolism and keep it high.

8. Not Eating Enough Calories: Not eating enough lowers metabolism and pushes body to conserve fat instead of burning it out. It also means that starving your body, resulting in weight gain and not weight loss. So, all those fad diets and crash dieting will not work if they ask you to eat as much as less as possible.

9. Leading a Sedentary lifestyle: You may be watching what you are eating and hitting the gym as well, but a sedentary lifestyle for the rest of the day with little to no movement hampers weight loss goals. Right exercising with balanced eating result in weight loss.

10. Replacing White Sugar with Artificial Sweeteners: They claim artificial sweeteners are “healthy” alternatives to white sugar and have zero calories. However, here’s the catch – foods with artificial sweeteners still spike insulin, stimulate appetite, and also increase the cravings for carbs – all of which can trigger weight gain.

11. Certain Medications: If you are on medications such as birth control pills, anti-depressants, hormonal pills or steroids, then this may be the reason you are gaining weight or unable to drop the extra weight. Some of these medications affect our appetite and dip metabolism levels.

12. Drinking Less Water: We repeat this in every weight loss post, but that’s because having enough water is of supreme importance to stay healthy and to lose weight as well. We see so many people who do not drink water unless they feel thirsty and parched and end up eating instead of drinking water because they are confused between hunger/thirst signals. As a result, we get very less quantity of water than what is required by the body every day to function smoothly. Drinking minimum (yes you read it right hon!!!) two liters of water a day speeds up your metabolism, leaves less room in your stomach for food, reduces the risk of heart attack, keeps headache at bay, detoxifies your body, and strengthen your system to boost up your body’s metabolism.

13. Too Much Stress: Yes, you read it right. Nobody lives a stress-free life nowadays! When someone says, do not stress much, it’s easier said than done. Stress badly affects your metabolism and stimulates appetite (for the wrong kind of food). Many researches have proved that you crave for high-calorie things, like desserts, chips, chocolates, cookies, pizza, and everything junk basically when you are stressed. Learn how to vent out stress through proper channels – like meditation, yoga, or just go on walks everyday to relieve stress.

14. Pampering yourself with “Fat Free” and “Sugar Free” Foods: Don’t be surprised when you don’t lose a gram even after including “low fat” and “fat free” products in your diet because they tend to have more calories, in a hideous way. So, ditch those packets and tins, and fill your fridge with healthy food like fruits, veggies, yoghurt, etc. and remember it is always possible to cheat once a week if you are eating healthy otherwise.

Well, now that you know the reasons of why your weighing scale is not moving as expected, we hope you could implement these solutions to get successful results. So, rectify these mistakes and continue your journey to be fit in a healthy way.

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