14 Surprising Benefits of Weight Loss for Women

As we have always maintained, the benefits of losing even a bit of extra weight can have positive effects on the mind and body, and it is definitely not limited to clothes fitting better now. In fact, studies say that even with 5% of weight reduction, significant changes can be observed in the body. For women, the advantages go beyond slimming to a smaller size and losing inches off the waist. Losing weight is more than just fitting into old jeans and not getting mocked by negative people – weight loss has a positive affect on mental and physical health as well. Check this out – new studies have shown that shedding extra pounds can help you feel more awake, happy, and sleep better! Isn’t that awesome! All you womenfolk out there, it’s the best way to get an amazing and permanent makeover because not only would you trim down, you can flaunt new wardrobe, have better physical health, and radiate confidence. Also, lose a little more weight, and people would compliment you more often. Talking about the most unexpected benefit of weight loss, you would get rid of negative people around you, people who are now jealous and do not want to be seen with you anymore! And not to mention, people would now seek your advice on how to lose weight 😛 Now, these are some of the obvious benefits linked to burning away extra fat, but wait, there are loads more, and in this post, we list down surprising benefits of weight loss for women.

Surprising Benefits of Weight Loss for Women

1. You would Look Younger: Now, there’s no need to spend loads of money on anti-ageing serums and treatments at the salon because losing weight can actually take years off your face and body. Inflammation (Why Inflammation Might Be The Reason you are Not Losing Weight), which is linked to obesity, can accelerate the ageing process, and once the weight comes down with healthy eating and exercise, inflammation goes down and you would start looking younger.

2. Flaunt Amazing Skin: Eating all those nutrient-rich vegetables, fruits rich in antioxidants, and whole grains with essential vitamins and minerals are bound to have a positive effect on your skin. Getting rid of added sugar in order to lose weight would reduce inflammation and premature ageing of the skin as well. Also, your body and skin would undergo detoxification naturally and start glowing from within.
3. Improve Symptoms of PCOD: Polycystic ovarian disease is a hormonal disorder with direct links to unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. When you drop weight, get active, start to eat clean, you would see that PCOD symptoms have improved.
4. Confidence Level will Hit the Roof: It’s hard to admit, but when you have an unhealthy amount of weight on you, it can cause a dent in your confidence level and once you shed those extra pounds, that dent straightens out. For some people, weight is tied to self-esteem. When they lose weight, they feel better about themselves.
5. Improved Stamina and Energy: When you are following healthy weight loss diet programs such as on Rati Beauty app, rather than feeling tired, you will feel energetic to motor through the day. With weight loss, you would have improved oxygen efficiency and more energy to do more things in life.
6. Insulin Resistance Gets Better and Reduce Risk of Type 2 Diabetes: Insulin resistance is a condition where the body cells stop responding to the hormone insulin and extra glucose circulates freely in the blood. When there’s extra glucose in circulation, insulin converts them into fat molecules into adipose tissues. By following a healthy diet and exercising, you can drop weight, and correct insulin resistance, thereby preventing future type 2 diabetes. Additionally, there are certain called as adipokines that are secreted by fat cells, which can heighten inflammation in the body and hinder insulin function. When there are more fat cells, there’s more adipokine secretion. With weight loss, adipokines level lowers, and insulin performs its function correctly, with improved insulin resistance.
7. Trimmed Waistline: When you lose weight, you not only drop a lot of numbers off the weighing scale, you get to trim down from the waist as well. When you cut 500 calories a day, you would get to lose 0.5 kg every week and you would shrink one inch when you lose approximately 3.5 kg. You can also burn fat, gain muscle, and lose inches too – on the weight loss diets on the Rati Beauty app.
8. Improved Mood: It’s a taken that you are exercising on a regular basis as well to burn fat and this routine increases oxygen supply to the brain and improves blood circulation, triggering the release of “feel good hormones” such as endorphins and serotonin. The release of these hormones will keep you in a good and happy mood always.
9. Reduction in Migraines: Studies have found that weight loss leads to reduction in headaches, particularly migraine headaches with reduced pain intensity as well.
10. Have a Robust Gut: Weight loss improves gut health which directly impacts your mood, because hey, your gut is connected directly to your brain and impacts the way all your important hormones function, especially the ones that help with the fat-burning process. A robust gut also means improved immunity level.
11. Improved Body Image: Overweight people often suffer from negative body image or rather they are judged negatively by people. Once you reach your goal weight, you are not only physically healthy, you feel good about the body that you are living in now.
12. Better Lab Profile: Shedding of extra layers of fat, especially belly fat, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea, cancer, and type 2 diabetes by a great extent. Also, a lot of your lab readings would fall back to the normal levels.
13. Additionally, you would spend less amount on skincare and hair fall treatments. Weight loss has a great impact on skin and hair health. Nutrient-rich food, vitamins and minerals through healthy eating will give you glowing skin and reduce hair fall.
14. Better Clothing Options: Now, there’s no need to look for clothes in plus size section. Choose whatever you want to wear and with much more confidence and positive body image.

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