16 Best Strategies to Stick to New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight

The New Year is just a few weeks away and aren’t we all excited that 2020 will be finally behind us! If you have set down paper and pen to make new year’s resolution, chances are high that this new list would have the same items as last year, especially the “Lose Weight this year” point. New year brings with it renewed hopes, new aspirations, and of course new resolutions, and it’s a good time to decide to get lighter, healthier, and stronger by losing extra weight. It’s a common trend that people who are determined to shed extra kilos in the upcoming year lack the motivation within a few weeks and stop any such efforts in that direction by February end, some say 22 per cent of that population comes off the weight loss wagon within six days into the New Year! Lack of motivation, not seeing any visible results, and shifting priorities are often cited as the main reasons. But if you should absolutely must get to a healthier version of yourself over the next year, we have listed out some of the best strategies to stick to New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight.

Best strategies to lose weight in new year

1. Follow Weight Loss Diets on Rati Beauty app: The diets on Rati Beauty app believes in maintaining you in calorie deficit by nourishing the body with adequate healthy and nutritious food so that you do not remain hungry or deprived the whole day – this way, you can lose weight by eating the right kind of food.

2. Set Realistic Goals: Do not plan to drop all the extra pounds within 10 days of starting a diet. Weight loss is a process that takes time to show results and just the way you hadn’t gained weight overnight, you wouldn’t lose it in one or two days. Aim to lose half to 1 kg per week and follow a healthy diet to go into calorie deficit.

3. Set a Course of Action: Chalk a course of action on how you are going to achieve the dream shape and weight, download the Rati Beauty app the correct course of action.

4. Think about the Benefits of Losing Weight: Whether you want to lose weight to fit into skinny jeans, to get into shape before marriage, or because the doctor has asked you to alleviate the symptoms of PCOD, there are numerous benefits of weight loss than the regular benefits you can think of. When you have worked hard to get there and get to your healthy weight, you would realize that the benefits of losing weight is more than just fitting into old jeans and not getting mocked by negative people – weight loss has a positive affect on mental health, physical health, and even affects social life. Also, once you read about these unexpected benefits of losing weight, you would hardly bounce back to your earlier weight.

5. Meal prep for the Entire Week: Most of us indulge in junk and processed food when we are confused about what to eat. Meal prepping for the entire week (jotting down recipes and cutting and chopping raw ingredients into separate boxes) leaves little room for unhealthy food to creep into daily diet. It’s easy to take out boxes of pre-packed ingredients from the fridge and cook them. In fact, note down snacks also in your meal prep.

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6. Keep a Food Journal: People who keep a food journal often find that jotting down every meal into a notebook helps them eliminate high-calorie and unhealthy food the next time around. A food journal also helps one set a food routine and the frequency of snacking and also helps to calculate how many calories you are taking in on a single day.

7. Make it your top priority and set a time frame to achieve the goal: Make weight loss your topmost priority and set a time frame within which you should achieve it – 6 months to 1 year is a good window of time to see visible and effective results.

8. Cut unhealthy food one by one: Processed food and ready-to-eat snacks have extremely high sodium and sugar content and diet soda, candies, chocolates, chips also have empty calories and high sugar that cause sharp insulin spikes which triggers conversion of extra calories into fat. Cut down unhealthy food noe by one so that you are better able to stick to the plan and for a longer time. If you cut all of them out at once, sooner or later, you would give into the cravings and get right back to square one. Have patience and you would get to a lighter version of yourself soon.

9. Tell your family, friends, and colleague that you are dieting and trying to lose weight: Your friends, family and colleagues would not force you to bite into a big slice of pizza that they have ordered since they know that you are dieting, simple!

10. Stay Motivated with these tips: Since “motivation” is the key that opened your journey to weight loss journey, it should also be the primary driving force that would motor you through the entire process till you achieve your desired weight. Read about some amazing tips to stay motivated on a weight loss journey to reach your weight loss goal.

11. Find a Diet Buddy: Convince your friend to become your diet buddy so that when one person thinks of quitting, the other one can persuade to not give up! You can try different weight loss diets on the Rati Beauty app that would appeal to all kinds of people. Check them out by downloading the Rati Beauty app on your phone.

12. Reward yourself with each small achievement: Reward yourself for every small achievement on the scale, and it should be a non-food based reward such as a salon or spa treatment or a new dress that you had been eyeing for long.

13. Drink loads of H2O: Since the human body is made of approximately 60% water, it is absolutely essential to run all key functions in the body, from digestion to synthesis of various hormones and enzymes in the body. It is also important for muscle function and for the fat-burning process. Do not limit water consumption at just 8 glasses per day, you need at least 2 litres of water to stay well hydrated and to boost weight loss, so sip on water through the day.

14. Click photos and record your journey: One of the best ways to stay motivated when trying to lose weight is by clicking photos every week and uploading them on personal social media accounts. The progress and drop in weight will push you to stay on track till you reach the desired outcome.

15. Avoid Stress Eating: Stress eating or emotional eating is a situation where one eats to feel good and pleasant, to cope up with trauma, to relieve stress, rather than to satisfy hunger. The food that emotional eaters choose are usually high-fat, high sugar, calorie-rich food full of transfat and ingredients that are extremely unhealthy for the human body. So, rather than indulging in high-calorie food, Eat These Things When You are Stressed Out without Falling off Diet

16. Completely Eliminate Refined Sugar: Packed with empty calories, they raise inflammation in the body leading to weight gain. Totally give up on refined sugar or added sugar in any form for overall health and to aid the fat-burning process.

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