6 Beauty Hacks Every Lazy Girl Will Appreciate

Skincare can be come a humongous task, especially at night when your “tired is also too tired” to go through elaborate skincare routine. Also, if you have glass skin on your mind, layering up multiple products (as they do in Korean skincare) may look like too much to ask for. Likewise, in today’s world, most women can hardly afford to take extra time off to take care of their hair, skin, and beauty. So, for those girls and also for those who would like to call themselves “lazy” citing lack of time, here are some amazing beauty hacks every girl will appreciate.

Beauty Hacks Every Lazy Girl Will Appreciate

1. Wipe your Phone Clean Every Single Day: This is probably the most overlooked skincare tip and in the current scenario, it makes so much sense to sanitize your phone every single day. Use disinfectant wipes to clean your phone becomes an easy breeding ground for germs and acne-causing bacteria. To keep acne, pimples, and breakouts at bay, do follow this practice every single day.

2. Use Multi-Tasking Skincare Products: No time for layering skincare products? Don’t worry, there are plenty of multi-tasking products out there – for example – rosehip oil not only nourishes and hydrates skin, it clears dark spots and brightens skin tone too. In the same way, there are lot of face moisturizers that also have SPF factor in them. Likewise, you can find exfoliators that double up as face masks too. Invest in these single products instead of buying a lot of stuff that would feel too lazy to use.

3. Frozen Peas to Cure Under Eye Puffiness: Though cucumber and potato slices are fool-proof ways to get rid of puffy eyes, lazy girls can avoid all the cutting and chopping by just wrapping frozen peas in a soft cloth to get rid of the swelling and to shrink the bags.

4. Dry Hair with a T-Shirt to Prevent Frizzy Hair: Guess what? You can use a soft cotton t shirt to dry out the hair and prevent frizz without the use of any hair serum or anti-frizz treatment. A cotton T-shirt will quickly absorb water from wet hair without disturbing the cuticles, and thereby preventing frizz. Okay, you can thank us later!

5. Use Baby Powder to Combat Greasy Hair: Feeling too lazy to wash hair today? Here’s what you can do – sprinkle baby powder all over the hair roots and comb away. Baby powder will not only improve the look of greasy hair, it will also freshen up the tresses without going through the whole shampooing process.

6. Drink Loads of Water: Do nothing but do make it a point to drink more than 8 glasses of water per day to flush out toxins, hydrate body from within, and get that lovely glow. Nothing works as better as water to clear up skin and make it glowing.

Here’s a bonus tip – Last but not the least, you can simply mix cinnamon with any lip balm and make your own lip plumper at home. Simply take little petroleum jelly or take some lip balm from the stick and mix little cinnamon powder in it.

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