7 Ways to Use Black Tea For Beautiful Skin

A majority of people are making that important switch from their regular cup of chai to black tea after realizing the benefits of drinking this antioxidant-rich tea which is believed to help lower the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Apart from health benefits, it can boost weight loss efforts by improving metabolism, lowering stress hormone cortisol, and regulating blood sugar levels. Interestingly, black tea also tackles a lot of skin woes as well. Black tea is high in antioxidants, such as polyphenols that reduce cellular damage caused by free radicals and prevents premature ageing, much more effectively than expensive skin creams. Black tea also has catechins and flavonoids that protect the skin against UV-B induced skin damage. When topically applied, black tea with its high caffeine content, firms skin, fades blemishes, de-puffs, reduces pigmentation, soothes inflammation, promotes collagen production, and prevents premature ageing. It also detoxifies the body by flushing out toxins. Black tea also tightens pores and helps add a radiant glow. After reading about the amazing benefits of using black tea, we are sure you would like to know about different ways to use black tea for beautiful skin.

Ways to Use Black Tea For Beautiful Skin

7 Ways to Use Black Tea For Beautiful Skin:

1. Brew a bag of black tea and let it cool down to room temperature. Soak a cotton ball in this tea and dab it all over face. Applying a concoction of this black tea regularly fades away blemishes and visibly firms up the skin.

2. Black Tea and Honey Exfoliating Mask: Brew a bag of black tea or steep it in hot water for 3 to 4 minutes. When the tea cools down to room temperature, mix 1 tbsp of honey and apply all over the face and neck, leave for 20 minutes, and rinse off with normal water.
3. Black Tea and Multani Mitti: This is a cleansing and firming mask with the goodness of multani mitti and black tea. Take 3 tbsp of brewed black tea and 1 tbsp of multani mitti. Mix well to make a thin paste, apply all over the face, keep for 15 minutes, and rinse off with lukewarm water.
4. If you have inflamed and irritated skin, black tea’s soothing properties can bring down redness and irritation. Dip a black tea bag in hot water and let it sit for 2 to 3 minutes. Remove the bag, keep it in the refrigerator for 10 or 15 minutes. Take it out and apply over the affected area. Repeat it as often as needed till the redness and inflammation subsides. You can use two bags this way to de-puff under eye area.
5. Black Tea and Avocado Mask: Avocado with its healthy fats and vitamin A and E content moisturizes skin and makes it soft and supple. To make this mask, take half an avocado, mash it well, and add in 2 tbsp of black tea. You can also add a bit of oatmeal powder. Mix well and apply all over the face and neck area. Rinse off after 20 minutes to get visibly soft skin.
6. Black Tea and Potato Juice: This is a skin brightening and radiant mask that needs 1 tbsp each of freshly-extracted potato juice and black tea. Apply all over face and neck, and wash off after half an hour. Do this regularly to get rid of tan as well.
7. Oatmeal and Black Tea Mask: This is an exfoliating mask that needs 1 tbsp of oatmeal plus 2 tbsp of brewed black tea. Just like above, mix well and apply on the face. Do this regularly to clear congestion of skin.

A bonus tip – If bleach is making the facial hair too golden, then tone it down by taking some black tea and brewing it for some time. Apply on the face and leave it for some time. Once dry, wash with cold water. Repeat this remedy every day to get rid of the golden hair from the face.

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