8 Must Do Things to Lose Weight Without a Lot of Struggle

It’s a tough challenge for a lot of people out there to shed extra weight and get fit, and it becomes a constant struggle trying out different gimmicky things that fetch zero results. We are specifically talking about fad diets, slimming belts, fat cutters and pills. To make your weight loss journey smooth and without any bumps, we list out 8 must do things to lose weight without a lot of struggle.

Must Do Things to Lose Weight Without a Lot of Struggle

1. Maintain an Active Lifestyle: You don’t have slog for hours together in the gym to melt away fat. You can do so without much struggle. You just need to be active in your daily life. Walk at every given chance, use stairs instead of lift, and practice these NEAT activities that burn significant calories without much effort.

2. Cut out Empty Calories: Refined sugar, white flour, sweets, cakes, alcohol, processed food, etc., have high amount of empty calories with little nutritional value. These empty calories make it extremely difficult to reach out to fat stores. Replace empty calories with whole foods to go lower on the weighing scale.

3. Straighten out your Diet: Even if you are working out every single day, you can never outrun a bad diet. Weight loss depends on maintaining a calorie deficit and it’s easier to get into a deficit with a diet rather than an exercise. Check out the weight loss diets on the Rati Beauty app that get you into a calorie deficit without compromising on nutrition with food rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein to the body that help with fat burning.

4. Avoid Eating Out and Ordering Food in: You have to make a few sacrifices when you are struggling to lose weight. When you eat out, most of it is high calorie stuff. Also, you end up having sugar, processed food, refined carbs even without noticing. It is better to cook the meals at home and eat fresh regularly. Find healthy and weight-loss friendly recipes on the Rati Beauty app.

5. Avoid Frequent Snacking: This is one of the major reasons why people struggle to lose weight. Stick to meal and snack routines and avoid reaching out for snacks just because you are bored or want to calm down the nerves. Many people tend to work till late night and snacking becomes a common thing. Avoid frequent snacking and it would become a lot easier to reach your goal weight.

6. Eat Enough Protein and Fiber: When you eat foods that are high in fiber and protein, you feel fuller for longer. Protein-based food also helps you to gain muscles without making you fat. Here’s a list of protein rich food that would help with weight loss.

7. Do Sleep Like a Baby: When you do not sleep in time or do not sleep enough, your hormone levels fluctuate and you will feel hungry when you are actually not. This leads to overeating and it is a primary reason behind obesity. Also, your digestive enzymes do not work well when you sleep less. Try to sleep in time at night and get 7-8 hours of sleep. Do not worry about missing out on work. A refreshed mind after adequate sleep works better and you can finish all pending work in time.

8. Find Ways to De-Stress: Not getting time to exercise and not shedding the excess weight can be stressful enough, but stress by itself is a major roadblock that stalls weight loss and encourages weight gain. Read about  “10 Ways to Destress in Order to Lose Weight” in this post.

Follow these things and you will see changes slowly. Be patient and kind towards your body and you will surely get back in shape sooner than you think.

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