8 Tips to Get Radiant Glow in Summers

We cannot talk enough about how summers have arrived strong and mighty. The intense sweltering heat brings along with it profuse sweating and greasy skin that no amount of waterproof makeup can tackle. Summers are the time when your skin needs extra TLC because the dry air, intense heat, and unstoppable sweating can dull out the skin. Out of these, sweating is definitely an issue that saps away all the glow from your skin and leaves behind greasy layer in its place. That’s why, in this post, we list down 8 tips to get radiant glow in summers so that you would stop sweating, and start sparkling!

Tips to Get Radiant Glow in Summers

1. Exfoliate Once or Twice a Week to Reveal Brighter Skin: Using a gentle exfoliator helps in sloughing away dull skin cells, revealing bright and smooth skin from beneath. Here’s a natural fruit acid exfoliator and mask that gently buffs away the top layer of skin and the mild acids from the fruits work to renew the skin layer and reveal the healthy cells.
2. Never Stop Moisturizing your Face: So, what if it’s summer and your skin is already oily, and the thought of applying a moisturizer scares you. But let us remind you, without proper moisturization, any skin type would look dull and lacklustre, including oily skin. So, pick a moisturizer according to your skin type to hydrate and nourish. For more info, 19 Best Fragrance-Free Moisturisers for all Skin Types.
3. Use Clay Masks Regularly: Bentonite and kaolin clay based face masks not only draw out impurities and excess oil from the skin, they also exfoliate skin and soothe rashes and inflamed skin, bringing out a natural glow from within.
4. Try Glycolic Acid Based Toners: All of us love to flaunt radiant skin and one effective way to do that is to add glycolic acid based products into the skincare routine. Glycolic acid has exfoliating properties and help to reveal fresh, glowing skin. It also helps to retain moisture and boost collagen production. Glycolic acid based products can also be used to discoloration, uneven skin tone and dullness, blemish and acne scars. Here’s a list of Top 10 Glycolic Acid Based Products to check out.
5. Get 7 Hours of Sleep: They call it “beauty sleep” for a reason because lack of sleep can play havoc with your skin, making it dull and lifeless. At least 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night, helps to calm down inflammation, and the rest and rejuvenation process at night helps you to wake up with glowing skin.
6. Drink as Much Water as you Can: Since you are sweating profusely, dehydration is a common outcome, and that affects skin the most. Lack of water can dull out the complexion, making it look dry and tired. The most effective and foolproof way to get glowing skin is to drink as much water as possible.
7. Make Sunscreen your Best Friend: A sunscreen with broad protection and SPF should be your best friend in summers because there’s nothing as important as this product. A good sunscreen would protect your skin from hyperpigmentation, tanning, premature ageing and just about everything.
8. Try these 10 Natural Skin Brightening Face Packs.

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