8 Ways to Lose Excess Weight After Marriage

So, you worked out like crazy and survived on cucumbers and salads just to fit into that dream bridal lehenga, but now that you are married, your diet has gone for a toss and you hardly have time to walk a few steps. Not an issue! Happy couples often tend to gain weight after marriage! But the problem is when you see an expanding waistline and wrong numbers on the weighing scale. Instead of hitting the panic button, here are some ways to lose excess weight after marriage so that you can remain happily ever after!

Ways to Lose Excess Weight After Marriage

1. Stick to the Diet and Workout Schedule: If you had been working out prior to marriage, it’s time to get back on that schedule. Reserve at least 30 minutes in a day to exercise, stretch, and workout. If that’s not possible, both you and your partner can go for long walks and it could be a great time to bond, also helping burn considerable amount of calories.

2. Cook at Home/Less Dining Out and Ordering Food Online: We understand that since you are newly weds, there’s a lot of partying and all the more social events to attend. When you eat out, you are compromising on nutritious food and get more of greasy and processed food with loads of extra calories. Whenever you are at home, make sure to cook yourself and involve your partner to cook healthy, nutritious and low-calorie meals that you both can enjoy together.

3. Stock only Healthy Food at Home: Keep your fridge stocked with healthy foods, fruits and vegetables, keep away all the processed and junk food out. If you are serious about weight loss, consider clearing up your refrigerator because it can act as an impediment for shedding kilos. And that’s because, we usually like to stock high-calorie, sugary delights in the fridge and it’s just a few steps away to get rid of stress, boredom, and hunger.  A well-stocked refrigerator that has loads of processed and packaged food can act as a roadblock and barrier if one is trying to lose weight because we tend to store leftovers, sugary delight, and junk food, all in the fridge. To help you lose weight and get healthy in general, we list down “24 Worst Foods in your Fridge that Prevent Weight Loss” so that you can eliminate them from your diet and start afresh. This practice especially helps if both of you are working and are pressed for time always.

4. Plan out Couple Activities That Would Help Burn Calories: If you are not a gym person, then why not sign up for a fun dance class? You will learn a step or two while keeping those extra inches off your tummy.

5. Motivate Each Other: Be a motivating factor to each other and push each other to work out harder. One of you may be a fitness fanatic while the other could be a couch potato! Try to strike a balance and work out a system that works for both of you.

6. Wind up your Dinner by 7 PM: Have your dinner when the metabolism is still high and robust, and wind up dinner by 7 PM. The best way to avoid the unhealthy cravings is to have an early dinner.

7. Reserve Cheat Meals for Date Nights: Stick to your weight loss diet all through the week and reserve cheat meals and guilty food for date nights, and consider it as an opportunity to reset metabolism, satisfy cravings, and overcome weight loss plateaus too.

8. Look out for healthier options: If you are craving for chocolates, then have dark chocolates instead of the regular ones! If you want something nice to drink, then instead of going for aerated drinks make yourself a smoothie! Try to swap your usual food for better and healthier options. Check healthier options on the Rati Beauty diet (on the Rati Beauty app).

Summing up, making tiny changes in lifestyle, sleeping for at least 7 hours, remaining active through the day, all would add up and help with weight loss.

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