8 Ways to Make Losing Weight Less Overwhelming

For people who want to get lean and drop excess weight overnight, we want to reiterate that it’s a process that takes 100% effort and dedication from your side and only then can you see the fat layers melt off. Additionally, when you are overwhelmed with the pressure to lose weight for an occasion or just to get back at people who constantly mock you due to your weight, it creates a stressful situation, making it extremely difficult to shed pounds. That’s why, in this post, we have listed out ways to make losing weight less overwhelming and quite literally a “breeze.” Read on for more details:

Ways to Make Losing Weight Less Overwhelming

1. Start on the Right Weight Loss Diet: A good weight loss diet should not overwhelm you with too much emphasis on food deprivation and force you to count every single calorie. When there’s too less food to eat on your plate, it’s hard to not think about food all day long. Food deprivation should never be the path to losing weight, calorie deficit and healthy eating should be. Find out how to eat the right kind of food and in the right quantity to get leaner on the Rati Beauty app.

2. Looking at Losing Weight in a Week: Looking at achieving short-term goals? Wrong move! When you set yourself short-term goals, you would most probably resort to crash dieting (extremely unhealthy) and would gain back all weight lost once you come out of it. Yo-yo dieting never works if you want to stay fit and healthy all your life. Instead, work steadily and at your own pace to lose weight the correct way.

3. Setting Unrealistic Goals: Don’t set yourself unrealistic goals, hoping to lose 15 kg in a month. Set small milestones since they are more achievable, and once you reach them, you will be motivated to lose more because once you see results, it becomes an obsession. When you target to drop 3 kg per month and it happens, you will be motivated to work hard more. If you plan to lose 15 kg and you lose just 3 kg, it will probably push you back and make it difficult for you to march ahead.

4. Trying to Lose Weight for Someone Else/Working on Revenge Body: So, you are trying to make your ex feel bad about breaking up with you? And the best way to do so is to get a revenge body in a short span of time? Bad idea. Lose weight for yourself, to feel good, healthier, and fitter, not to make someone jealous because the constant pressure to look a certain way would overwhelm you and increase stress, which as we all know, can completely stall the weight loss process.

5. Working at Spot Reduction: It’s a myth that you can melt away fat from a certain area by concentrating on a particular area. Doing hundreds of crunches and not really taking care of the diet would certainly overwhelm you when no results would be visible. Let us put this out here – spot reduction is a big myth that needs to be busted.

6. Let Go of Negative Body Image: Trying to look perfect, just like celebs on magazine spreads or waif-thin models walking the ramp, is a big mistake. Every body type is different and you can look and feel good in your own body, just make the effort by eating healthy and being active.

7. Detach Food with Emotions: Eat only when you are hungry, not when you are bored or under stress, or to find comfort. Detach food from emotions to get rid of stress eating and to prevent weight gain. Read about “14 Tips to Control Stress Eating to Lose Weight.”

8. Get Good Quality Sleep: Sleeping like a baby is often a good solution to many complex problems in life because it balances and lowers level of stress hormone cortisol and increase the efficiency of fat-burning hormones, so that you can wake up full of energy and positivity in the morning.

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