9 Most Frustrating Things About Trying to Lose Weight and How to Overcome Them

When you are absolutely doing every single thing to lose weight, a lot of factors may seem to be creeping up, blocking your way towards achieving a healthy weight, increasing your frustration and disappointment. Cravings, fluctuating numbers on the weighing scale, diet fatigue, diminishing will power to fight off cravings and hunger are just a few of the factors we can think right off the bat. At the outset, we would like to mention that weight loss is actually a process and it does take some time for your diet to work and show its magic. Coming back to the roadblocks hampering your progress, read about 9 most frustrating things about trying to lose weight and how to overcome them.

Most Frustrating Things About Trying to Lose Weight

1. Staying Away From Food and Fighting Hunger Pangs: A good weight loss diet does not mean cutting out food drastically, eating bland and tasteless food in the name of dieting. The most frustrating thing about losing weight is to be on the wrong kind of diet, where you have to give up all kind of food – believe us, some diets say drink only detox water for days together! Eating healthy definitely does not mean eating tasteless food. In fact, the right way to diet is to eat nutritious food and that’s why the diets on the Rati Beauty weight loss program help you to shed weight by putting you on meal plans with delicious food that you would actually enjoy eating along with a wide range of workout options. Also, Rati Beauty diets give you an option to indulge in guilt food once a week (read “cheat meal”) so that you do not crave for them every single day. Download Rati Beauty app for more details on effective weight loss programs.

2. When Ab Exercises Wouldn’t Give you Flat Stomach: Getting frustrated why the belly fat is refusing to budge and the abs are not showing even after doing hundreds of crunches every single day? That’s because “abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym!” In fact, we would say that abs are made in the kitchen but revealed in the gym. Since spot reduction of fat is a myth, only the right kind of diet will help the abs take shape. In fact, do place a great deal of importance on a high-protein and nutritious diet and couple it up with cardio, strength raining, and HIIT (7-Minute Fat Burning HIIT Exercises That you Can do At Home).

3. Hitting Weight Loss Plateau: Don’t get frustrated with this one at all! When you are extremely dedicated to exercise and religiously follow dieting, in the beginning, you will see rapid weight loss, but after a point, you might notice that the weight is not dropping as quickly as before, in fact, it may not move at all. Every single person hits the weight loss plateau while trying to lose weight and that’s because as you shed weight, the body adapts and becomes efficient at saving energy and tends to burn fewer calories per day. As we have mentioned previously, most people hit plateau during their weight loss journey and stop losing anymore weight altogether. This happens because of many factors but the most common one seems to be slow metabolism where your body burns fewer calories than earlier. It’s essential to overcome weight loss plateau and in this post, we detail out “10 Ways to Overcome Weight Loss Plateau.”

4. When No One Notices your Weight Loss: You may be dropping weight every single day on the weighing scale by sticking to the diet and exercising, but don’t you get frustrated when no one else notices it right away. It takes anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks for people to actually notice that you have become leaner. Also, immediate family members, friends, and people who are seeing you every single day are usually the last ones to notice the changes, so don’t get annoyed with your boyfriend/husband/sister/brother/parents/kids for not complimenting you for becoming a lighter version of yourself.

5. Cravings for Junk Food: So, you cannot stop thinking about pizza or sugary glazed doughnuts all day long? The toughest thing that everyone encounters when trying to eat healthy is to battle intense junk food cravings. Some of us may blame that imaginary sweet tooth that makes us crave for sugary delights, while  others may have a liking for high-calorie fried food with different condiments. In both cases, the strong flavours in junk food tend to trigger the pleasure center of the brain, leading to frequent cravings for unhealthy food. It’s just not right to put the blame entirely on lack of will power when it comes to junk food. Intense food cravings is basically a mind game and the good news is that you can actually control them. Most importantly, a good weight loss diet such as on Rati Beauty app would help you to indulge in cheat meal once a week so that you do not have intense cravings for unhealthy food. Also, do read “18 Effective Tips to Beat Cravings for Indian Junk Food” in this post.

6. Slow and Sluggish Metabolism: As we have stated previously too, metabolism is the engine which torches calories and it’s important to have a robust metabolism to burn fat. A sluggish metabolism is the reason why most people find it extremely difficult to burn fat. With wrong dietary choices, sedentary lifestyle, increased stress, lack of sleep, metabolism becomes sluggish; however, these “9 Ways do Help to Speed up Metabolism.”

7. Tracking Every Single Calorie: The mantra with weight loss is that you should put your body into calorie deficit and push your body to make use of stored body fat to run its daily activities. But let’s face it, counting every single calorie on your plate can be quite a frustrating task. Leave it on the diet plans on the Rati Beauty app to do the calorie calculation and put you into calorie deficit to shed weight without compromising on nutrition or health.

8. Losing Muscles along with Body Fat: Fad diets and crash dieting can eat away the muscle along with fat, so do not deprive yourself of nutritious food, do follow the right plan to preserve muscle and look well toned as well.

9. Your body Doesn’t Like to Burn Fat, it Loves to Cling on to Fat: If you think that your body is refusing to shed extra weight even after sticking to a strict diet program and intensive exercise routine, it’s most possible that the “set point theory” has swung into action, and your body is fighting to maintain its fat deposits. It’s a fact that the body does not like to shed weight and let go of its fat deposits, and it will try to make hormonal changes that increase your appetite and lower the metabolism in order to preserve fat. The set point theory is the way the body will hover around a specific weight and will fight and defend to stay this particular weight. If there’s severe calorie deprivation (such as on crash diets), the body will become fuel efficient and adapt itself to run on fewer calories. It does so by making metabolism slow, raising the appetite, increasing the levels of hunger hormone “ghrelin,” and bringing about changes in fat-burning hormones. But don’t fret, read about effective tips to Ways to Change it to Achieve Weight Loss.

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