9 Signs you May Actually Need to Lose Weight

Weight gain is something that creeps in slowly but makes its presence felt one fine day, like a bolt out of the blue when you no longer believe that the reflection in the mirror belongs to you. Since all of us have different body types and sizes, BMI (body mass index) should not be considered as the sole parameter to determine whether you are healthy or need to lose weight.There are other signs that one should watch out for to live a healthy life. As we all know, being overweight can increase the risk factors of chronic illnesses, such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease, it is essential to keep a check on the weight. So, here are some signs that indicate that you may actually need to lose weight.

Signs you May Actually Need to Lose Weight

1. Waking up Tired in the Morning: Waking up fatigued and exhausted in the morning after binging on your favorite series all through the night is okay, but waking up every single morning with zero energy is not okay. Weight gain can play havoc with hormones, especially sleep hormone melatonin and blood sugar regulating hormone “insulin” that lead to fatigue and exhaustion in the morning.
2. Expanding Waist Circumference: If your waist circumference is more than 35 inches, you have to absolutely make that important decision to shed weight and before that talk to your doctor because you might be at higher risk of developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
3. Abnormal Lab Values: High cholesterol, rise in blood sugar levels, abnormal liver function tests all indicate that you have to immediately think about losing weight.
4. You are in a Pre-diabetic State: A study done recently has revealed that out of every two Indians, one is totally unaware of the fact that they have all the risk factors that can lead to diabetes in the future, such a state can also be called prediabetes. A pre-diabetic condition is a state where a person no longer has normal sugar levels and is at the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. If no appropriate action is taken at this juncture and if corrective lifestyle measures are not made, prediabetes will convert into full-fledged diabetes quickly. Read about “12 Prediabetes Symptoms Every Woman Should Know.”
5. Painful Joints: All that additional weight may put extra stress on the joints and the inflammation would make them painful as well. Bringing down the weight will help alleviate joint pain.
6. Everyday Chores Feel Tiring: If you feel tired even with a little bit of activity and if everyday chores seem like mammoth tasks, you need to lose weight.
7. Short of Breath even with a Little Activity: Getting out of breath while walking up stairs in the absence of any underlying disease (COPD or asthma for example) is one of the signs that you have do something about your weight.
8. Frequent Colds and Flu: People with weight issues may have higher level of inflammation and the frequency at which they catch and cold and flu might be higher too. If you are not allergic to any particular thing or season, it would be prudent to get your weight checked.
9, There’s Hardly any Outfit in your Wardrobe that Fits: We are not talking about that old pair of jeans that you have carefully preserved in your wardrobe since ages. Tops and dresses that you bought just the last month feel a little tight and uncomfortable, and you may have moved a few sizes higher over the past few months. If that has happened, you need to check out the amazing weight loss diets on the Rati Beauty app to successfully shed extra weight.

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