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This review is about Aroma Magic Clary Sage Moisturising Lotion. This is a petrochemical, pthalate and paraben free day moisturizer for combination skin with SPF15. Let’s read on to find more about this moisturizer.Aroma Magic Clary Sage Moisturising Lotion Review

Moisturizing your skin regularly is the best way to keep multiple ageing related skin issues at bay. Studies have shown that, people who moisturize their skin regularly and wear proper  sun protection get ageing related skin issues later than who do not. Not every moisturizer is perfect for everyone.

You need to understand your skin and its needs better if you want to maximize the benefits of any skin moisturizing product. Also, the moisturizer needs to be free from harmful chemicals otherwise, it might cause other skin issues instead of curing your skin.

About Aroma Magic Clary Sage Moisturising Lotion

Aroma Magic Clary Sage Moisturising Lotion is rich in natural vitamins, minerals and fatty acids and the combination of Kokum butter, Aloe vera juice and Olive oil help to nurture and deeply hydrate the skin. The exotic blend of Neroli, Clary sage and Rosewood essentials oils together with extracts of clary sage, help to preserve the moisture in the skin.

Their alliance keeps the skin calm and rejuvenated with each passing day. Extracts of Fennel and Lemongrass revive dull and tired skin to leave you refreshed and your skin reinvigorated.


1. Has SPF 15

2. 100% free of petrochemicals, phthalates, toxic ingredients, parabens, artificial fragrance and color

Packaging: This moisturizer comes in a transparent pump bottle. The bottle has a tiny clear cap to secure the pump. The packaging has complete ingredient details along with the claims. The tall and sleek bottle is travel-friendly. Since this moisturizer is free from preservatives, it can get contaminated easily. Keep the cap shut immediately after using and always store the bottle in somewhere dry.Aroma Magic Clary Sage Moisturising Lotion Review

Colour & Consistency: This moisturizer is pure white in colour. Aromamagic only uses foodgrade colour. This one also has the same in the ingredients of this particular moisturizer. Consistency wise, it is a runny lotion but not watery. It is quite creamy. So, this one moisturizes the dry areas of combination skin. The formula is moderately oily; neither too greasy nor weightless mattifying.

Fragrance: The moisturizer has a very light floral smell. This fragrance is created using essential oils; no artificial fragrance has been used. The smell is very light and stays only for a couple of minutes. 

Quantity & Price: This moisturizer costs Rs.190 for 100ml. It also has a 200ml pack which is priced at Rs.320. This is a moderately priced moisturizer in he budget friendly category. But, this is one of the cheapest yet good quality product among the vegan, paraben, pthalate and cruelty free ranges.

My Overall Thoughts:

I have acne-prone skin and comedogenic skin care products are fear factors for my skin. I only buy moisturizers that are light on the skin. This Aromamagic moisturizer was an impulse buy. I was using their mineral glow scrub for the body and loved it. So, I decided to buy this one in an online sale. 

This looks like a runny lotion but it feels quite oily on the skin. I used to apply this after cleansing and toning. It left my skin very oily and uncomfortable. So, I started to skip toner while using this. Still, the skin felt oily. I then decided to shelf it for winters.

In winter, my skin felt rejuvenated for a couple of hours with this but then the t-zone felt oily while the rest of the dry parts remained moderately dry. On regular use I started getting clogged pores. Finally I stopped using this on my face and used in as a body lotion instead. It did not gave body acne though. I feel this moisturizer would be more suitable for dry skin.

Rating: 2/5

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