Can you Eat Mangoes When Trying to Lose Weight?

Summers are all about sun, bright colors, floral dresses, and of course, mangoes! Juicy mangoes are found in abundance, in every nook and corner, and it would take the willpower of a mountain to “not” dig into a yummy-looking pulpy mango, and what’s even more difficult, it’s next to impossible to stop at just one! Also, since mangoes are seasonal and only available in summers, and you would have to wait for an entire year to get your hands or rather tastebuds on them, it can be an extremely tough decision to make – to have mangoes or not, particularly if you are trying to lose weight and do not want to jeopardize your progress for anything in the world, not even for ripe and delicious mangoes. So, the question many people who are TTLW (trying to lose weight) have on their minds – are mangoes weight loss friendly? Can you have them while you are on a weight loss diet? Answering all those questions and more about the king of fruits “mangoes,” in this post.

Can you Eat Mangoes When Trying to Lose Weight

The glycemic index of mango is 51 and so it falls into the medium GI food category which means it would not cause sharp rise in insulin, but nevertheless does lead to release of significant amount of insulin. This hormone, as we all know, has multiple functions, it manages blood sugar level but also encourages storage of excess calories as fat in the body. A single mango with its naturally-occurring sugars such as glucose, fructose, and sucrose can add up to 45 gm of sugar in one serving, and can trigger release considerable amount of insulin. Also, an average-sized mango would take up your calorie count by 201 calories. But consider this, mangoes also are a good source of vitamin A, C, E, B vitamins, iron, copper, potassium, and also alkaline compounds such as malic and tartaric acid. There’s also calcium and magnesium and also a carotenoid called lycopene which is a strong antioxidant that fights free radicals. So, there’s no reason to let go of mangoes or abstain from picking up a slice or two when you feel like indulging.

Just like all other fruits, mango is a nutrient-dense food but that does not mean you can have as many mangoes as you want, especially while watching your weight and trying to get lean. Portion control is essential while eating mangoes too, as with any other food, to shed extra weight and to avoid weight gain as well. Experts suggest limiting the consumption of mangoes to just one cup or to two servings in one single day.

So, hey, what if you are on a diet, you can have your mangoes and eat it too, especially, on a weight loss diet such as on Rati Beauty app, that help you to drop excess weight by eating the right kind of food and in the right quantity. More details on the app.

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