Can you Gain Weight from Just One Day of Overeating?

The festive season is far from over and just when you have started recovering from the Diwali feasting, or have indulged in stress eating over the weekend, you realize that it’s only a few weeks away from Christmas and New Year. So, why not wait until after New Year to get back on the dieting and “getting fit” scene just because you have ruined and gone off the diet on Diwali or this weekend? Also, the weighing scale is showing that you have gained 2 kilos overnight with a single day of overeating! This “all or nothing attitude” can sabotage your entire weight loss journey. Now, stop kicking yourself for overeating, and gaining fat overnight, and if the scale shows an upward swing, don’t curse yourself for not sticking to the diet. To make it completely clear, one can never gain weight overnight, it happens through a process and over a period of days, and you cannot definitely accumulate one or two kilos in a matter of a single day.

Gain Weight from Just One Day of Overeating

Various studies have proven that one would have to consume 3500 of extra calories in a day to gain one pound of fat (approximately 0.5 kg) in the body. If your regular calorie intake is 1500 per day, then you would have to consume 1500 plus 3500 of extra calories that day to collect fat in the body in a single day.

That means, your regular food + extra 3500 calories just that day! And That’s a lot of food, impossible for a a normal person to consume without getting sick.

However, if your weighing scale shows you high numbers, it may be mostly due to water retention because high-calorie and processed food has loads of sodium which retains fluid in the body, and the overall weight goes up (temporarily). Read about a few other reasons that might have led to increased weight overnight in this post.

Having said that, eating more calories than you can burn off on a daily basis will eventually lead to weight gain.

So, if you are worried sick of having gained fat by a day binging yesterday or the day before, don’t worry, and consider every meal as a fresh start with which you can reverse any kind of overeating; just keep on track by following our diets and exercise programs on Rati Beauty app.

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