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I love matte eyeliners and especially colored ones. I already own couple of blue & green and wanted to get my hands on a nice dark brown eyeliner. Brown eyeliner is great if you don’t want stark black eyes for the day time. Brown looks softer and wearable during the day or to work. I saw Colorbar Matte Brown All Matte Eyeliner during my recent visit to the store and decided to pick it. I have been testing it out for little over a month now and thought of sharing my views with you all.

Colorbar Matte Brown All Matte Eyeliner Review Swatches Photos

For eyes that turn heads, this is a much required quick-drying liquid-to-matte liner that delivers full color for up to 16 hours. Matte finish brings depth to eye looks—contrasting with the skin’s texture for an effect that looks strikingly modern.
This high performance eyeliner comes with an innovative, flocked applicator that gives you ultimate control and a smooth glide application —in one single step. It delivers the deepest pigmented line and impeccable hold. This formula is waterproof, remains smudge-proof all day long, and comes off swiftly and easily with eye makeup remover.

Colorbar Matte Brown All Matte Eyeliner comes in a black matte tube with matte brown cap. The tip is felt/ pen style which is my preferred type. I really like how the tip is neither too floppy nor stiff. It helps with a nice even application of color.

Shade – True to the name this one is a matte brown. It is a dark chocolate brown shade, the kind of color I was searching for.

Colorbar Matte Brown All Matte Eyeliner Review Swatches Photos

Texture & Formula – Contrary to brand’s claims I didn’t find it water-proof, I used water to remove the swatch from the hand it completely removed it. I have watery eyes hence non-waterproof formula doesn’t stay on for a long time on me. I liked the formula which is quite liquid-y in consistency and dries matte in few seconds. I did find Colorbar Matte Brown Eyeliner stinging my eyes, but not always, so not sure if the problem is with my eyes or the formula.

Pigmentation – As you can see in the above swatch the formula is quite opaque and you wouldn’t really have to go over it to get a nice even finish.

Staying Power – On me it stays on for 5+ hours.

Colorbar Matte Brown All Matte Eyeliner is priced at Rs 700

Overall Thoughts

This wasn’t the best match for my requirement. I always look for a water proof formula but Colorbar Matte Brown All Matte Eyeliner isn’t the one. Good part is that you can take it off without rubbing your eyes much. I also think that at this price I can easily get better formula in the market.

Rating : 3/5

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