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As per various dermatologists as well as experts one should include anti ageing products in their skincare regime after crossing 25 (age). I was a little late because these things weren’t as popular back then (8 years ago precisely). Its been roughly 5 years that I have been following an anti-ageing skincare regime religiously. The new range that I have been testing out for about 2 weeks now is Himalaya Herbals Youth Eternity. The brand needs no introduction so lets talk about the products –

Himalaya Herbals Youth Eternity Range Review Photos Price

Himalaya Herbals Youth Eternity Range has 3 products –

  1. Eye Cream 15 ml for 490 Rs
  2. Night Cream 50 ml for 465 Rs
  3. Day Cream 50 ml for 465 Rs

Himalaya Herbals Youth Eternity Range Review Photos Price

Himalaya Youth Eternity Day Cream is a breakthrough anti-aging formulation based on Plant Stem Cell Research and exotic Herbal Actives. Edelweiss Plant Stem Cells are power packed with antioxidants, while Woodfordia, Rose Myrtle, and Cipadessa regulate youth genes and work with your innate Skin Cell Matrix, responsible for the anti-aging mechanism of your skin. This light, non-greasy, fast-absorbing day cream is a powerful blend of botanical extracts that reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and re-plump your skin, leaving it looking healthier and younger.

Himalaya Herbals Youth Eternity Day Cream SPF 15 – The Cream comes in a rather large plastic jar with a pump. You have to make sure not to press the pump all the way down because then it will dispense a bit too much product. I use around a pea size amount and it is more than enough for my face & neck.

I love the texture of the cream which is light weight & non sticky. It has SPF 15 which is quite good level of sun protection however you have to reapply the cream after a period of time to keep the sun protection on. Unlike other anti ageing creams Himalaya Herbals Youth Eternity day cream doesn’t feel sticky or heavy but at the same time moisturises the skin really well.  I like the mild floral scent which fades away after a few minutes of application.

Now the composition of both day & night creams is almost the same except “apple”. Himalaya Herbals Youth Eternity Night cream is rich but not heavy and keeps the skin soft & supple. My pores get clogged resulting into break outs and acne very easily. I am glad that the formula of Himalaya Herbals Youth Eternity Day as well as the night cream is non-comedogenic which makes it suitable for all skin types.

Himalaya Herbals Youth Eternity Eye Cream is quite gel like and gets absorbed into the skin in no time. I was observing dryness around the eye area and since the skin around eyes is very delicate you can’t really apply anything because it can then cause milia (white heads). Now that I have started using this eye cream twice daily, the area looks quite moisturised and less wrinkly.

Dryness makes the skin look more wrinkly and dull. So the first step has to be proper hydration. My skin is softer than before with less visible wrinkles. I have few smile lines that have reduced a bit and I am sure after using the range continuously, the results will be amazing.

I have always like Himalaya Herbals products as the brand offers natural ingredients on budget without compromising on the quality. If you are 25+ then do try Himalaya Herbals Youth Eternity range. Products are really good in texture & work really well without breaking you out.

Himalaya Herbals Youth Eternity Range is available online HERE


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