How People Actually Eat Whatever They Want and Stay Thin

Do you have one of those “self-confessed foodie” friends who seem to eat everything they can lay their hands on and yet not gain an ounce of weight. People who can down large quantities of food, yet do not seem to be bothered by weight gain often give credit to their blazing metabolism and often claim to have been blessed with that untraceable “skinny gene” that scientists are yet to discover! However, genetics does have a bit of a role to play in determining where the body stores all the extra fat and in determining body type. Instead of being jealous of people who can eat everything and remain thin and kicking yourself for not having inherited the skinny genes, here’s what you can do – dig a little deeper and find out how people actually eat whatever they want and stay thin.

How People Actually Eat Whatever They Want and Stay Thin

1. They Have a Robust High Resting Metabolic Rate: Of course, we all know that metabolism is the engine that torches up calories and a sluggish metabolism would burn less calories and push the body to store more fat. A revved up metabolism would steadily burn calories throughout the day – being active through the day and eating the right amount of calories would help to increase the resting metabolic rate. Basal metabolic rate (BMR) or resting metabolic rate (RMR) is the rate at which one burns energy even when he/she is in complete resting state. Resting metabolic rate is the amount of calories your body needs to perform its basic functions. Our body would spend that amount of calories even if you do not make any effort. When you indulge in physical activity, more calories get burnt. So, most probably, your skinny friend has a high BMR and here are 21 Tricks to Boost Metabolism that you can follow.

2. They Might be Eating Healthy Fats instead of Bad Fat: Fat is not an enemy in your weight loss journey. Healthy fats that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, do not trigger an insulin response, and when there are no frequent insulin spikes, the body doesn’t store fat as readily. Also, when there is shortage of sugar, the body switches to an alternate source of energy in fats, and reaches out to fat storages to tap for energy expenditure. If you are more interested in eating healthy fats, check out the diet programs on Rati Beauty Weight Loss programs.

3. They are Eating Complex Carbs Instead of Simple Carbs: People who have optimum BMI (body mass index) often refrain from eating refined carbs and swap them up for complex carbs like whole wheat, brown rice, oatmeal, etc., that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and have fiber that boost the whole fat-burning process.

4. They Pick on Metabolism-Boosting Foods: As we have mentioned above, metabolism is what runs the show when it comes to weight loss. There are different ways to boost metabolism and here’s a list of some of the best metabolism-boosting foods to lose weight.

5. They Practice Mindful Eating: Chewing slowly is a part of mindful eating because it recommends enjoying each bite of food and being aware of the quality and quantity of food that one is consuming. Avoid transfat, high sugar, high calorie food and include lots of vegetables and whole grains in your diet.

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6. They Maintain Calorie Deficit: Calorie deficit happens when you eat less than the necessary calories so that your body reaches out to excess fat stored in cells for fuel to run all functions smoothly. If the body doesn’t get the calories it needs to perform its necessary functions from the food you consume on a daily basis, you create a calorie deficit. Putting it simply, calorie deficit occurs when someone takes in lesser calories than those burnt during exercise, resting, and to perform daily bodily functions. When calories fall short from the food we consume, gradually the fat deposits get used up and that’s how you lose weight. For example, when you consume 1500 calories in a day and burn 2000 calories through exercise and being active for most part of the day, you are in calorie deficit. Here are 18 Awesome Tips to Create Calorie Deficit to Lose Weight

7. They are performing NEAT activities throughout the day: Abbreviated as NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis), it is the energy we use for everything we do in our day-to-day life except for when we are sleeping or exercising. Using the stairs instead of the lift, squatting on the floor to lift something up, walking while talking on the phone, every activity we do while being on our feet, comes under NEAT. All these activities help to burn some amount of calories and these bits of calories spent here and there, add up to a considerable amount when you are trying to lose weight.

8. They Have More Muscle Mass: It’s a fact that the more muscle you have, the more calories get burnt even when someone is at rest. So, the more muscle you have, the less is the fat percentage, and more calories are burnt up without getting stored.

9. They Eat the Right Kind of Food: Check out how you can eat the right kind of food and lose weight by following Rati Beauty diet program.

10. They Don’t Eat Processed Food: Such kind of food items have high sodium, sugar, oil, and unhealthy fats that quickly raise calories and create inflammation, making it difficult to lose weight.

11. They are probably off Sugar: Sugar can create havoc in the body, in multiple ways – by spiking insulin that can trigger fat storage and creation of new fat cells, raising chronic inflammation that makes it difficult to burn fat. Skinny people often give sugar a miss and probably are drinking their coffee black and always have stevia in stock.

12. They are probably Skinny Fat: Some people who look of normal weight and have the optimum BMI (body mass index) have more fat percentage and less of muscle mass. Skinny fat people look thin outside because all their fat is visceral (in the abdominal area and around the organs) and not subcutaneous (under the skin), and that’s why they do not look overweight, but then they are not healthy at all.

13. They don’t Snack Frequently: People who do not snack frequently, do not cause insulin spikes in their body as often, and as a result, tend to remain slim.

14. They Eat Slowly and Chew their Food Really Well: People who are thin or healthy listen to cues from their body and stop eating when they do not feel hungry anymore. When they are full, they make it a point to stop rather than continue without portion control because the food tastes good.

15. They Have More Brown Fat than White Fat: There are two types of fat in the body – brown and white. Skinny people most probably have brown fat which is rather easy to burn than white fat.

16. They have given up on Junk Food: Such people have completely trained their mind to hate junk food and their cheat meal usually is taking extra bites of healthy food.

17. They eat High Protein and Fiber Food: A high-fiber and high-protein diet would help people to burn fat and build muscle. Protein and fiber can keep one satiated and full for longer hours and totally reduce the amount of snacking and binging.

18. They Indulge in Nutrient-Dense Low-Calorie Food: In short, they eat a lot of superfoods to get their daily dose of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fats. In fact, here’s a list of 30 Inexpensive Indian Superfoods you should Be Eating Often.

19. They are Carefree and Do Not Stress Much: Losing weight can be immensely stressful for most of us, but it could be one of the reasons why you actually gained weight and are unable to lose it all now. Stress can increase the level of a hormone called cortisol which leads to weight gain. One key tip to shed those extra pounds is to destress and let the body balance out its hormones. In this post, we have listed out 10 Tips to Lower Stress in order to Lose Weight.

20. They Get Adequate Sleep at Night: There’s a direct link between sleep deprivation and weight gain. Low quality and less number of sleep can increase the level of hunger hormone “ghrelin,” reduce “leptin” and human growth hormone levels – all of them can stall any kind of fat burning and actually lead to weight gain.

21. They Continuously Fidget their Legs: These people are probably not just sitting idle, they may be fidgeting their legs continuously and throughout the day. Research and studies have proven that people who fidget their legs do burn a considerable amount of calories, so why don’t you try your hand, err, we mean legs and fidget them to trim down.

22. They love Working Out and Exercising: They might be burning off all the extra calories in the gym or doing home workouts. Whatever extra they might be eating in front of you, that’s probably sweated out in the gym the very same day.

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