How To Fight Sweat on your Wedding Day

The wedding season is back in India and with the weather getting unusually warm in March itself, the wedding season lasting all through summer months of April and May “may” prove a nightmare for would-be brides who fear the humidity and sweat associated with summer weddings. So, in this post, we would be talking about few amazing hacks for brides who have excessively oily skin and are already worried about sweating ruining their makeup on their wedding day. As every bride dreams about looking nothing less than perfect on her wedding day, we do not want “sweat” to ruin her makeup and her D day. Well, here are some hacks to avoid sweating on your wedding day.

How To Fight Sweat on your Wedding Day

1. Properly Tone after The Cleansing Process: A good toner can make a difference on excessively oily skin. Use an alcohol-free toner, preferably enriched with cooling ingredients such as rose water, cucumber, etc., that would help maintain skin’s pH balance and give a healthy fresh look. Choose a moisturizer wisely – something that would hydrate but not add oil to your face.

2. Use an Anti-Shine and Water-Based Primer: Using a primer will prolong the stay of makeup and when you use an anti-shine and water-based primer, it would help to minimize the shine and reduce the appearance of pores. Also, a water-based and matte primer would keep the sweat from seeping through makeup and melting it off. Our Recommendations: Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Mattifying Primer, Milani Prime Shield Mattifying + Pore-Minimizing Face Primer.

3. The easiest and quickest way to keep face from sweating too much is to splash cold water on your face. You can also use an ice cube wrapped in a soft muslin or cotton cloth and gently rub it all over your face. Cold water or ice stimulates blood circulation and freshens up the skin. It also helps in tightening large facial pores and to refine the texture of skin. Korean women follow a kind of ice therapy called as “Jamsu” where they dunk their face in a bowl full of ice cold water to refresh skin and also fix their makeup. All you have to do is to remember to fill ice cube trays the previous night. Here’s how you can do the “Jamsu” method all by yourself at home (5 Steps to Katrina Kaif’s Ice Facial at Home).

4. Pick Only Matte Makeup: While choosing makeup for oily and sweaty skin, the rule of thumb is to opt for matte and powder finishes. This holds true for foundations, blushes and highlighters. While you may love a cream blush, chances are high that it will melt easily with your oils. A matte powder finish will work in your favour. Also, a loose powder or setting powder should be your best friend. If you want your makeup to stay in place, this is a step you can’t let go. Dust some powder on your skin to give a neat finish and prevent greasiness from seeping in. Our Recommendations: MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder, NYX Loose Powder and Colorbar Flawless Air Brush Finish Loose Powder.
5. Seal the Whole Look with a Good Makeup Finishing Spray: Makeup setting spray can help you rock your makeup even after hours, giving it a nice fresh look. Our Recommendations: Elf Makeup Mist and Set, Bobbi Brown Face Mist and Urban Decay ‘All Nighter’ Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray.
6. Avoid a lot of shiny and creamy products on your Wedding Day: If you tend to sweat a lot, or have crazy oily skin- steer clear of shiny finishes. Shimmery highlighters, lip glosses, eyeshadow sticks and creamy contours aren’t the ideal choices when it comes to such skin types.
7. Make Blotting Paper your Best Friend: Last, but not the least, do keep a packet of blotting papers in your vanity bag. You can dab off the excess oil and look fresh even after hours, without moving the makeup by using a blotting sheet. Our suggestion: The Face Shop Oil Blotting Paper.

Additionally, avoid fancy lingerie. Pick comfortable clothes and especially when it comes to your inner wears. Wearing fancy lingerie inside your wedding dress can not only make you feel uncomfortable but also induce profuse sweating. Sometimes, the case gets worse with excessive scratching and itching sensation. You should also stay away from alcohol and caffeinated drinks on your wedding day as it will help you to feel confident and stress-free. You should also stay away from oily and spicy food as it generally triggers sweating.

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