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As much as I love applying lipsticks and blushes on my face, I am obsessed with doing my brows. I make sure that I don’t step out of the house without doing my eyebrows. I can totally skip doing my makeup, but I’d never leave home without grooming the brows. Ever since I started grooming them, I haven’t turned back.I prefer pomades and gels more over pencils since it requires lesser touch ups and my brows stay in place all day long. This made want to look out for more eyebrow gels and I found out the Kiko Milano Lasting Eyebrow Gel. 

Kiko Milano Lasting Eyebrow Gel Review Photos Price

My face looks so much better when I do my brows and makes such a lot of difference. Previously I was using the L’Oreal Brow Artist Pomade Ebony and Nicka K Eyebrow Wood Pencil Charcoal Gray.


So, the Kiko Milano Lasting Eyebrow Gel comes in a clear glass pot, just like a gel eyeliner. It has black plastic lid that needs to be twisted to open the product. The packaging looks quite classy and luxurious, but since it is made of glass, it would require a bit more handling while traveling.

Kiko Milano Lasting Eyebrow Gel Review Photos Price


Since it is an eyebrow gel, it has a gel-like consistency. But it feels so lightweight and creamy that I don’t feel I have anything on my brows once I apply it. Also, it is quite pigmented, so I have to be careful while applying it. It is water resistant and smudge proof and just stays in its place no matter what. This is how the colour looks like:

Shade range:

The Kiko Milano Lasting Eyebrow Gel comes in 6 different shades:

  1. Light blonde
  2. Deep blonde
  3. Readheads
  4. Chocolate
  5. Ebony
  6. Auburn

I choose the shade 04 chocolate since I have jet black eyebrows. A dark brown shade just looks so good on my brows and doesn’t look like I’ve made them up.

Kiko Milano Lasting Eyebrow Gel Review Photos Price

Price and quantity:

The product retails for GBP 7.99, which is roughly around ₹ 730 for 5 gm of product. It is quite on the pricier side but since you need only a little amount of product, it will last for a really long time.

My overall experience with Kiko Milano Lasting Eyebrow Gel

I am quite satisfied using this product on my eyebrows. It just makes my brows stay in play all throughout the day and do not transfer too. It makes my brows look much defined and gives them a nice shape.

The only challenge is that I have to apply it with very light hands and in thin strokes or else it makes my brows look weird and made up. Also, I would have preferred if it came along with a small eyebrow brush for this price.

Apart from that, I do like the gel and reach out for it whenever I have a long day to go and wouldn’t find much time for touching up. I would recommend you to give it a try if you want to have fuller yet natural looking eyebrows that are water resistant and do not move from their place. 

You buy Kiko Milano Lasting Eyebrow Gel from stores.

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