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My search for a lengthening & volumising mascara is never ending. Due to short & sparse lashes I tend to gravitate towards lengthening mascaras a lot. During my last trip to Kiko Milano I tried Maxi Mod Mascara and decided to pick it despite of the high price tag. I thought if it works well then the price would be justified.

Kiko Milano Maxi Mod Mascara Review Price Photos

About the Maxi Mod Mascara –

  • The supple texture does not clump or clog, is buildable and easy to distribute along the entire length of the lashes.
  • The brush made of slanted, elastomer bristles allows you to reach every single lash, even the short ones at the corners of the eye.
  • The brush has a hollowed-out interior for collecting and distributing an extraordinary amount of product for the maximum volume.
  • The applicator’s small size allows for easy and quick application.
  • Paraben free.

Kiko Milano Maxi Mod Mascara Review Price Photos

I am not sure if this was limited edition because its no longer there on the official website. After hearing so many amazing things about Kiko mascaras I shelled out some hard earned cash to buy this one. The wand is short and has small spike like bristles.

I have this mascara for little over 4 months now, which means I gave it a fair chance to perform. Unfortunately it didn’t help much. The formula is still wet and transfers. Also it clumps and doesn’t do much in lengthening & volumising , instead it makes my lashes stick together.

Removing it isn’t tough too since the formula isn’t waterproof. I use a misceller water and it comes off in no time. I still like Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara more than this one. Both in terms of performance and price tag.

Kiko Milano Maxi Mod Mascara is priced at Rs 1200 (approx) available at Kiko Milano Stores.

Overall Thoughts

I like Kiko Milano products in general  but Maxi Mod mascara was a waste of money for me. It doesn’t do any thing for my lashes, neither add length nor volume to them. 

Rating : 2.5/5

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