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We are talking about eyeliners today and the products in focus are Lakme Insta liner Black & Blue. Kajals and eyeliners are the most loved eye makeup items among us Indian ladies.

Eyeshadows are even more versatile than these two but very few of us possess pro-level skills at eyeshadow. Creating a basic gradient eyeshadow look takes at least a focused 5 minutes which we can’t spare in our hurried morning routine.

Eyeliner and kajal, on the other hand, creates a stunning eye look within 2 minutes. There are plenty of eyeliners available in the market but the charm of old-gold Lakme Insta-liner never fades for me.

In today’s review I will share my experience with two shades, the black and the blue, from Lakme Insta-liner range. The black one is there for many years but the blue one is a recent addition to this range. 

About Lakme Insta liner Black & Blue

Define the outline of your eyes with some Color, with the Lakmé Insta Liner. This eyeliner is endowed with a water-resistant formula that also makes it last longer.

The deep intense color of this Lakmé Insta Liner accentuates your eye makeup and adds a dash of dramatic beauty and glamour to them.

The smooth Brush applies the liner over your eye lids in an even stroke and can be used for various looks you want to create.

Packaging: The eyeliners come in transparent glass bottles. Their rose-gold coloured plastic screw lid contains a brush tip applicator. The tiny glass bottles are fit to sit in your vanity as well as the standard size travel makeup pouches.

I have never seen any changes in Lakme’s black Insta-liner. Even the new blue shade too has been packaged in exactly same way as the old black variant. The packaging is sturdy but if you drop the glass bottles from very high, they will break.

Shade & Pigmentation: Previously the Lakme Insta-liner had only one shade; the jet black shade. A couple of years ago Lakme extended the shade range to include 3 new shades; blue, green and golden.

I have got the black and the blue shades. The black shade comes with intense pigmentation. The blue one is more of a neon blue shade. Its pigmentation is medium to buildable.Lakme Insta liner Black & Blue Review Photos Price

Texture & Staying Power: Though the brand makes water-resistant claims, both the liners are water based. You give a good rub on them with water and they will come off.

The Insta-liner Black has slightly thick in texture while the Blue variant is pretty runny. With the black one I get one stroke pigmentation but with the blue one I need 2-3 layers to get the opaque finish. 

Fragrance: Both the liners are fragrance-free.

Quantity & Price: Lakme Insta-liners are priced at Rs.120 for 9ml of product. This is one of the most affordable eyeliner ranges. On discount the price reduces to more or less Rs.100.

If you are looking for a good quality basic eyeliner then you might like this particular range from Lakme.Lakme Insta liner Black & Blue Review Photos Price

My Overall Thoughts:

I don’t have sensitive eyes but for the past couple of years I am having some seasonal allergies in my eyes. I have to replace my eye makeup products frequently to stay safe. Purchasing expensive kajals and eyeliner and then disposing them after a few months did not seem viable so I decided to invest in Lakme Insta liner.

The black eyeliner is a staple; everyone needs it. I love wearing funky blue winged liner so I bought the blue one without a second thought. Now, none of the liners are water-proof and frankly speaking, I love it this way.

They get removed with a regular face wash; I don’t have to work hard with a heavy duty makeup remover every single time. I often use these easy to wash liners to practice new eyeliner tricks.

These won’t melt in slight sweat but you never want the horrible panda eyes if you sweat a lot. So, I never wear these on humid summer days. The black shade is nicely pigmented.

The vibrant neon blue shade looks good on eyes but your have to keep building the opacity by 2-3 stokes. 

Rating: 3/5


*Written By Sreeparna

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