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A black eyeliner is like a staple for many. I love a good black eyeliner preferably with matte finish. If you are a beginner then pen style eyeliners are the best as they give you full control over application with fewer chances of mistakes. I am always in hurry and prefer pen style eyeliners, however the only challenge with these is the fact that they dry up faster than regular eye liners and become useless. I saw Nicka K Art Liner Pen and thought of giving it a shot.

Nicka K Art Liner Pen Black Review Swatches Photos

Explore endless options from subtle definition to dramatic winged lines with the Nicka K New York art liner pen which features a precision tapered tip for effortless application. Smear proof, quick drying and ultra opaque formula will last all day.

Packaging is simple reddish-brown pen that looks quite lux. The felt tip isn’t too long or short, just the right size. I like how it isn’t too stiff or soft and perfectly draws the line without struggle. The tip is quite fat but you can achieve precise sleek line easily. I like how it is saturated with color all the time and glides smoothly over eye makeup.

Nicka K Art Liner Pen Black Review Swatches Photos

Formula is matte black and dries up quickly. It doesn’t smudge or fade and stays put for a long time. However being a non-waterproof formula I can see it fading from the outer corners by the end of 6 hours. So if you have watery eyes Nicka K Art Liner Pen may not be the best choice. But if you like formulas that come off easily without much rubbing or tugging then this one can be the prefect choice.

Here I have Nicka K Art Liner Pen applied –

Nicka K Art Liner Pen Black Review Swatches Photos

Nicka K Art Liner Pen is priced at Rs 550, available on Amazon & Nykaa

Overall Thoughts

I quite like how dark and effortless the formula is. It offers matte black finish and looks beautiful. The formula is quite opaque and one stroke deposits enough color that you don’t have to go over it again. Nicka K Art Liner Pen stays put for good 5+ hours on me without smudging or fading. The formula is non waterproof though.

Rating : 3.75/5

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