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Here’s the review for Nivea Soothing Hand Cream with Glycerin & Olive. As we are cpoing up with the ‘new normal’, hand wash has become an extreme essential in our day to day life. The strong soapy formula of the hand washes often leave our delicate hand skin dry and damaged.Nivea Soothing Hand Cream with Glycerin & Olive Review

Damaged hand skin makes us more vulnerable to microbes. Using a good quality non-greasy hand cream solves all these issues in one go. So, I made it a point to apply a drop of hand cream after hand wash application whenever possible.

Nivea launched a pocket-friendly hand cream range a few months before.

I tried and loved their Indulging variant. This time I went for Nivea Soothing Hand Cream with Glycerin & Olive. Let’s get to the detailed review to find out more on this hand cream.

About Nivea Soothing Hand Cream with Glycerin & Olive

Your hands get exposed to a lot: weather, rough surfaces, hand-washes, etc., making them dry and rough. It’s time to give them the care that they deserve. NIVEA Hand Cream with Soothing Glycerin & Olive, restores your skins lost moisture to give you soft & smooth hands you’ll love.


1. Long lasting moisturisation: Ultra-nourishing hand cream that keeps your skin soft and smooth

2. Quick absorption: The formula quickly absorbs into the skin to restore lost moisture from within

3. Non greasy texture: The rich texture leaves hands soft and smooth with no oily traces

4. Easy to carry along: Has convenient packaging for on-the-go usage

Nivea Soothing Hand Cream with Glycerin & Olive Review

Packaging: This hand cream comes in a white clastic squeeze tube. The tube has a screw lid. I don’t like screw lids because I lose them often. Coming to the packaging, it’s a sturdy packaging.

There’s no product spilage. The mouth of the tube is thin enough to dispense the desired amount of product with slight pressure. The packaging is very simple; you won’t find eye candy grafities in the label. Nivea has provided the complete ingredients list which I find very useful.

Colour & Consistency: The hand cream is a pure white coloured thick cream. The consistency is thinner than regular cold creams but it is certainly heavier than Nivea hand cream range’s other variants.

This cream is designed for very dry hand skin so the formula is moisturizing. It is a paraben free hand cream. Just one drop of the cream gives me the desired nourishment.

Fragrance: Nivea Soothing Hand Cream with Glycerin & Olive has light floral fragrance. The fragrance seems really soothing to me. It is very similar to Nivea’s Indulging Hand Cream with Glycerin & Honey.

Heavy fragrnce might irritate dry skin so Nivea has reduced the strength of fragrance for this Olive hand cream. The smell goes off within 10 minutes and it becomes completely fragrance free then.  Nivea Soothing Hand Cream with Glycerin & Olive Review

Quantity & Price: This hand cream is priced at Rs.90 for 75ml. Hand creams do not come cheap. Most hand creams contain 30ml product only and the price is set around Rs.300 for basic fragrant ones from The Body Shop, The Face Shop etc.

This Nivea hand cream is a value for money product considering those. Price, quantity and quality wise this is comparable to those pricy ones.

My Overall Thoughts:

I have dry hands. I like my hand creams to be moisturizing enough but not greasy. Nivea Soothing Hand Cream with Glycerin & Olive satisfies my needs perfectly.

Its moderately thick formula keeps the hydration locked into my skin and prevents flaky dryness. Summers are very humid in my place.

Thick hand creams cause sweaty palms. Thankfully this hand cream does not leave my skin sweaty or greasy. I just apply one pea-size amount and massage.

It gets absorbed in 15-20 seconds and the skin stays moist for 2-3 hours. Seeing the texture I think, this product will perform equally well in winter.

I like the fragrance but I would have loved it more if it had fruity-floral fragrance. It’s no brainer that olive based products won’t have berry fragrance! I have tried many other brand hand creams too.

I didn’t find any difference between those Rs.300 hand creams and this Rs.90 one. I will definitely keep using this range and suggest everyone to get this as well.

Rating: 5/5


*Written By Sreeparna

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