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Hi guys! Today I have come up with the review of Nykaa Brow Chika Wow Eyebrow Pencil Coven Cocoa. Eye brows play a pivotal part in our overall look. Fuller eye brows give a nice youthful touch to your face. If you just groom and fill your eye brows properly, it will instantly give you a polished look.Nykaa Brow Chika Wow Eyebrow Pencil Coven Cocoa Review Photos Price

If you wear specs like me, you will notice the usefulness of eye brow enhancing even more. The frames of your glass border your eyes. Glasses take away the sharpness of your face as the brows become invisible to some extent. Eye brow enhancing becomes a must in such situations.

I love all in one makeup products because they lessen the number of products in your vanity. Nykaa Brow Chika Wow Eyebrow Pencil Coven Cocoa comes with eye brow tint as well as spoolie applicator. Here’s what I feel about this eye brow enhancing pencil.Nykaa Brow Chika Wow Eyebrow Pencil Coven Cocoa Review Photos Price

About Nykaa Brow Chika Wow Eyebrow pencil Coven Cocoa

Become a brow expert overnight with Nykaa Brow Chika Wow! Eyebrow Pencil. Super-easy to fill and shape your brows, this pencil has a glide-on, lightweight formula that gets you a great pair of arches in a hot minute!

The built-in spoolie-brush shapes your brows and gives them definition, while the super long-lasting and smudge-proof formula holds your brow for up to 8 hours. Go ahead, put your best brows forward!


1. Lasts up to 8 hours

2. Smudge-proof Formula

3. Precise Application

Packaging: Nykaa Brow Chika Wow Eyebrow Pencil Coven Cocoa is a wooded pencil. You need to sharp it from time to time to get a pointed edge for precise application. The pencil is coloured in brown. The colour tone is similar to the pencil’s tint. It is a dual ended pencil.

It has eye brow tint on one end and on the other end there’s a spooley eye brow brush. Quality of the brush is great. I wash this brush side from time to time. Not a single bristle has fallen out till now. The pencil has silver engraving mentioning its name and expiry.

Colour & Consistency: Nykaa Brow Chika Wow Eyebrow Pencil Coven Cocoa has cool-neutral brown tint. The consistency is creamy. So, it applies easily on the brow. Once it is applied, it sets into comfortable stiff finish.

I have unruly brows; it keeps my brow hair in place for 5-6 hours at least. This pencil is heavily tinted; almost like an eye liner pencil. I only need short gentle strokes to fill the blanks in my brows.

Fragrance: This eye brow pencil is free from fragrance.

Quantity & Price: This eye brow pencil sells at Rs.399. You get 1.08gm product in the pencil. Nykaa often runs 5-10% discount on Brow Chika Wow Eyebrow Pencil. You can easily get it around 350. Since the pigmentation is great, you can get away with less amount of product per use. This makes it a value for money product.Nykaa Brow Chika Wow Eyebrow Pencil Coven Cocoa Review Photos Price

My Overall Thoughts

I have thicker brows with sparse areas here and there. I have dark brows. I generally buy cool toned browns or grey eye brow tints to get natural finish. I prefer moderately pigmented brow products. I feel they give more natural look to my brows. Brow Chika Wow Eyebrow Pencil is available in one shade Coven Cocoa.

Its tint is slightly deeper than my liking and also pigmentation is heavier. Since this range has only one shade available, I had to buy this Coven Cocoa shade. If you are doing a heavy eye look like classic black smokey eye, this kind of dark brow pencils give gorgeous finish to your eyes.

It is of great quality. It does not break while sharpening. The thickness of the pencil is standard. You can even sharp it with standard writing pencil sharpeners.

The pencil is very smooth and creamy. It glides easily. I don’t need much time and efforts to fill my brows with it. I define my brows first by outlining the brow arch. Later I blend the colour to the rest of my brows using the spoolie brush. The creamy texture of the pencil eases up the blending process.

It takes 1-2 minutes for the products to set. I can easily correct any mistakes within that time. It does not give stark stiff finish which my Maybelline eye brow pencil provides. Its finish is in between. Naturally, it is not a completely smudge proof product. I have also tried this on my mom.

She has extremely sparse brows. I had to be quite careful while applying to prevent deep artificial looking brows. I feel, this is not the perfect brow filler for sparse brows.

It would fare comparatively well on moderately thick brows. It will perform exceptionally well on people with warm undertones. 

Rating: 4/5

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