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Today I’ll be reviewing this PAC Deep Exfoliating Peel Off which I have been using for a couple of weeks now. Since I come from the dry skin family, I need to be careful with the exfoliation and have to make sure that my skin doesn’t feel drier.PAC Deep Exfoliating Peel Off Review Photos Price

But this exfoliator has been doing great to my skin and my skin has been feeling so much better ever since I started using it.

I like exfoliating my skin and the feel of getting rid of the dead skin cells and impurities is just unmatched. While there are so many scrubs out there in the market.

I have recently been up to chemical exfoliators rather the physical ones. I like chemical peels and using AHAs and BHAs for my skin since they work great in giving me smoother, softer and glowing complexion.

Product description:

Introducing PAC Deep Exfoliating Peel Off. Enriched with natural lemon enzyme, this scrub softly draws away dead skin cells and minimizes irritation. A calming exfoliating formula that is non-irritating, this brightening formula diminishes dark spots and helps to counteract congestion ?

unclogging pores to reduce the likelihood of blemishes and breakouts ? while simultaneously stimulating sluggish skin cells to accelerate turnover.


  • Gentle exfoliator packed with natural lemon enzymes that deep cleanses the pores
  • This facial scrub exfoliates dead skin cells, rejuvenates the skin and adds an instant glow
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • This product is cruelty-free
  • Made in Korea

PAC Deep Exfoliating Peel Off Review Photos Price

Packaging – The exfoliator comes in a white coloured plastic tube with a flip-tip cap and to be honest, I like the packaging since it is very convenient to use the product. I like it when a product comes in a tube form and has a flip-tip cap with a small nozzle.

It becomes very easy for me to dispense the product and it gives me the control of the amount of product I wish to use.

Formula and texture – The PAC Deep Exfoliating Peel Off has a very lightweight and thin formula and feels gel-like on my skin. When I use it on my skin to exfoliate, it doesn’t feel harsh at all.

Fragrance – It smells citrusy and has a lemon-like fragrance. It’s not too strong and doesn’t bother me much.PAC Deep Exfoliating Peel Off Review Photos Price

How my skin feels once I use this product:

I use this exfoliator after I cleanse my skin thoroughly. I take a pea-sized amount and spread it all across my face and then gently start to massage my skin.

I massage my face until the peel off crumbles and dead skin cells start to come off. Then I wash off my face with plain water and pat dry my skin.

Once my skin dry it immediately feels so soft, radiant and clean. This product doesn’t dry out my skin and therefore I like using it every time I feel like I want to exfoliate my skin.

And since I have been using PAC Deep Exfoliating Peel Off for a couple of weeks now, my skin has started to show quite some difference in the texture. It feels so much smother, even toned and glowing. I use this exfoliator twice a week and not more than that.

Quantity and price –PAC Deep Exfoliating Peel Off comes in a quantity of 130ml and costs ₹ 725 which I believe is affordable compared to the other chemical peels. Also, the tube comes in a big size and I believe it would last me for a longer time.

My overall thoughts:

I like using this a lot and since it is a chemical exfoliator, there are no harsh scrubbing particles that would damage my skin. Also, since it doesn’t out my skin and leaves it softer and glowing.

I keep going back to it whenever I feel like my skin needs some exfoliation. And the packaging is very easy to use and travel-friendly, so I can easily carry it around wherever I wish to.

Would I repurchase this and recommend this?

Yes, I would repurchase this if I don’t find anything better than this and I highly recommend you giving this product a shot I you are looking for a budget-friendly chemical exfoliator that does good to your skin.

Rating – 4.5/5


*Written By Kinnari

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