The Body Care B3 Depigmenting Orange Facial Kit


The Body Care B3 Orange Facial Kit

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Our Depigmenting Orange Facial gradually reduces dark spots, tan and freckles. It removes dead skin cells from your face and neck.

Depigmentation Facial Gel Cleanser: This cleanser helps in deep cleansing of the skins pores in order to unclog it and reduces oil production. It gradually reduces dark spots, tan and freckles to reveal an even fair complexion.

Step 2
Depigmentation Facial Scrub: This cream based walnut scrub helps to remove dead skin cells from your face and neck skin revealing an even skin tone. It cleans and nourishes the upper layer of the epidermis while stimulating blood circulation, leaving your skin wonderfully soft and smooth for days.

Step 3
Depigmentation Facial Cream: Increases blood circulation in the face and brings oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells which also helps in cell repair and growth. It controls oil production and reduces visibility of tan and dark spots. It also helps achieve even tone and appearance of the skin is improved.

Step 4
Depigmentation Facial Mask: This packs deeply nourish & smooth the skin bringing hydration and suppleness. It draws out impurities, absorbs excess oil and has anti bacterial properties that keeps the skin clear.

Step 5
Skin Softener: Pamper your skin with this ultra nourishing and hydrating skin softener. It is enriched with moisturizers and humectants which hydrates your skin from within. The after feel of this softener is smooth, velvety and glowing skin.


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