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I like trying out different serums on my dry skin and like to experiment with the ingredients in them since serums are loaded with active ingredients. Recently, since the past few months, I am more into using vitamin C serum to get rid of the pigmentation and dark spots on my face. The one I was previously using got over and I was looking for another on. I came across this Pure Bubbles Vitamin C Brightening Skin Drops and thought of giving it a try. Pure Bubbles Vitamin C Brightening Skin Drops - Review Price Photos

I have been using this serum for the past couple of weeks now and will share with you what I feel about it.

About Pure Bubbles Vitamin C Brightening Skin Drops – 

Vitamin C brightening Skin drops

Reduces Pigmentation, Acne Spots, Sun spots, Improves efficacy of sunscreen, Tightens pores

Glow giver, Anti ageing & prevents the onset of acne.

Packaging: The Pure Bubbles Vitamin C Brightening Skin Drops comes in a glass bottle with a dropper so I can use the amount of serum I wish to. The dropper is quite convenient to use and can pick up the serum and dispense it easily.

However, since the bottle is made of glass, it needs extra care while handling it and I cannot travel with it.

Consistency: I had initially thought that since it is a vitamin c serum, it would have a slighter thick consistency. But to my surprise, the consistency of this serum is much watery! It is so runny that it becomes difficult for me to apply it on my face.

Every time I try to use it, it spills all over my clothes and gets messy. Even when I try to pour a few drops of the serum on my palm and pat it onto my skin, there is a bit of spillage. I wish it came with a better consistency so the application would have been easier.

Fragrance: The serum has a bit of citrusy fragrance which is not so overpowering, so I don’t mind it. Also, the fragrance disappears as soon as the serum seeps into my skin and lasts only for a few seconds.

Quantity and price: The Pure Bubbles Vitamin C Brightening Skin Drops comes in a quantity of 30 ml and costs ₹ 990. It is quite affordable compared to the other brands like Klairs that have a similar serum.

But I need a lot of drops since the consistency is very water-like and it has just been a couple of weeks and I finished quite a lot of it. I’m not sure if it is going to last me for a longer time.

My overall thoughts:

I have mixed thoughts about this serum. It does claim that it is meant for all skin types and has a brightening effect, but my skin feels dry even after I use a full pump of the serum on my face. Also, when it comes to the brightening effect, I didn’t notice much of a difference, but I guess I need to give it some more time to see if it actually gets rid of the pigmentation and dark spots on my face.

Also, I don’t like the watery consistency of this serum because it gets spilled and the application gets messy. The only thing I like about this serum is that it penetrates into my skin very fast and my skin just drinks it up quickly. If you are looking for a good vitamin c serum, I would recommend you trying out the one from Klairs.

Rating: 3/5

You can buy the Pure Bubbles Vitamin C Brightening Drops online.

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