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Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer (Rs 750 for 15 ml) available at Kryolan StoresKryolan Eye shadow Primer Review Swatches Photos (2)Eye Shadow Primer provides the perfect base for blending eye make-up to create stunning, long-lasting appearances.My search for a good eyeshadow primer ended at Kryolan store. I was looking for a decent eyeshadow primer and bought Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer last month.Kryolan Eye shadow Primer Review Swatches Photos (3)Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer comes in a tube with a narrow nozzle. I need as less as 1/4 pea size for both eyes. Formula is a translucent gel and spreads easily. I liked how it doesn’t feel sticky or slippery and eyeshadow goes on smoothly over it.

I have been testing this primer for about 15 days now and liking it more than my previous favorite NYX HD Eye Shadow Primer, firstly because of no-fuss convenient packaging and secondly because of the formula & texture. It sets matte and eyeshadow blends without sticking on it. Kryolan Eye shadow Primer Review Swatches Photos (1)Since there is a dearth of good quality eye shadow primers in India, Kryolan one stands out. Downside is non-availability of Kryolan products everywhere and not even online. You might find it bit expensive but considering the fact that this one tube will last me months, I can overlook it. In fact I am thinking of buying Kryolan Face Primer next time.

Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer keeps eyeshadows in place throughout the day. I have worn it under Inglot Rainbow Eyeshadow & Sephora Tiramisu Eyeshadow and both the eyeshadows stayed for over 7 hours without creasing or fading.

Overall Thoughts

I am really impressed with Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer and couldn’t find any cons except the availability. I will definitely repurchase it. Formula is nice gel based and doesn’t feel sticky or slippery. Primer keeps eyeshadows in place for 7-8 hours and prevent creasing. It is transparent so if you want something to neutralize or cancel discoloration of eyelid than you can probably look at MAC Paint Pots.

Ratings : 4.5/5

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