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Too Faced Glitter Glue Shadow Insurance Review ($ 20 plus Tax)

Too Faced is very famous for their original Shadow Insurance eye shadow primer (review to follow soon ) but today I bring to you the GLITTER GLUE , a hybrid of the same primer which is used for GLITTERS / REFLECTS . If you love some loose glitters then am sure you must have been looking for a good primer to make the shiny glitter stick to base without being messy and uneven and here is your answer to that.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue Review Photos

This is what brand says –

Wandering glitters and shimmers are for amateurs. This featherweight primer is specially formulated to keep glitters, shimmers and powders in place. The hard-working formula also evens skin tone and softens fine lines. Shadows, powders and glitters glide on effortlessly, stay in place and stay intensified for 24+ hours.

TFSI glitter glue is basically a sticky primer in nature, it is not like normal primer which blends in with the skin, this is sticky and that is what makes the glitter stay in place. It is tacky to handle but again as you are using it for glitter it is the best thing you could ever imagine. When I start my makeup and decide to use this I keep it handy, apply on lids and then take out my glitter (giving a gap of 25 – 30 sec and not max then that as it dries up) and pat this on, don’t blend your glitter as it will be messy just lightly pat and make it even while the glitter is still semi thick.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue Review Photos

Staying Power – Once I have this underneath my glitters, they are intact for whole day or in better words as long as I wish them to stay, they really look polished and crisp for hrs and doesn’t crease or fade at all.

Packaging – The primers comes packed in light blue and black glittery colourful box and product is packed in squeeze top tube which is hygienic and makes you dispense the product you require with easy control . I just take a teeny tiny drop on my fingers and pat lightly on lids, it’s very functional packaging and considering the amount used I see this will last me pretty long time.

How it works –

  1. If you are just using glitter on eyes then just pat it and let it stand for 30 sec so that its semi set and then pat your glitter with flat brush or with your fingers and you are good to go.
  2. If you have used powder eye shadow first on your eyes then the steps would be –

Apply basic eye primer

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue Review Photos

Finish off with your powder eye shadow

Pat this where you want to stick your glitter, wait for not more than 30 sec and then apply glitter on top.


Overall Thoughts

At this price point Too Faced Glitter Glue Shadow Insurance is really awesome product and I highly recommend to you if you use a lot of glitter or reflect in your eye looks. The sticky base makes it a perfect choice to get the crisp look for hrs. Earlier when I use to apply GLITTERS with just MAC FIX plus then they would fade in few hrs but with this you really don’t need to worry at all.

Ratings – 5/5



*Written By Rashmi

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