Trying To Lose Weight? Stop Believing These 14 Common Myths

Weight loss is not as simple as calories in vs calories out, it’s a complex process which would fetch desired results only by following the right kind of diet, being active, and making appropriate lifestyle changes. Always remember that weight loss is a marathon and not a sprint, and there are no quick fix solutions. Also, it’s important to not believe the myths flying around because they would make shedding extra pounds all the more difficult. These popular myths can in fact steer you towards the wrong path and set you up for failure. In this post, we would bust all popular and common myths that can come between you and your goal weight.

Trying to lose weight

1. Eating Cucumbers and Salads All Day Long will Help you Slim Down: Absolutely not! Our body needs vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, and various other nutrients to run smoothly, and that’s why surviving only on cucumbers and salads is not going to help! No doubt, cucumber is a low-calorie, water-dense vegetable, but going on a cucumber-only diet is not going to work because it’s not part of healthy eating. Most of the weight you may lose initially may just be water weight. Do you know what – eating a wholesome diet with the right proportion of all the above nutrients mentioned will get you a lean, healthy, and fit body. And you can find such weight loss diets on the Rati Beauty app that encourages you to eat the right kind of food to burn fat, not limited to cucumbers and salads. Do download the app on your phone for more details.

2. Substitute Diet Foods With Normal Foods:  A majority of “diet foods” are just marketing gimmicks with no significant calorie difference between the regular stuff and the stuff. Diet soda for example, has artificial sweeteners like aspartame or saccharin to match up to the sweetness of regular soft drinks, but then it also has artificial color, flavour, and other additives which can raise inflammation in the body, triggering weight gain. Also, a high amount of caffeine found in such drinks can also make you dehydrated. So, stick to regular food and avoid picking “diet foods” in order to drop weight.

3. More Protein Equals To More Fat Loss: Though we have always maintained that protein is essential for weight loss, yet too much protein can be counterproductive because extra protein would be converted into fat by the body the same way it stores extra glucose, no doubt about that.

4. All Calories Are Equal: Absolutely not! 500 calories from pizza (all of it empty calories) is not equal to 500 calories from nutrient-dense vegetables. A medium apple contains about 100 calories and but so does a small bag of chips, and do you know which one would converted to fat? Easy guess! That’s why you have make healthier choices to get fit and healthy, and avoid weight gain.

5. You Should Absolutely Not Cheat While Trying To Lose Weight: A cheat meal is a must in a good weight loss diet and that’s why Rati Beauty weight loss diet encourages its users to indulge once a week in their guilty foods. You need to cheat once in a while to satisfy cravings and also to rev up the metabolism. This way, your body tends to burn fat faster. If you keep feeding your body only healthy food without a break, it will adapt and run on fewer calories. However, do not stretch that cheat meal into a cheat day or cheat weekend.

6. You Can Burn Everything you Eat with Exercise: One can never outrun a bad diet. Also, let’s make it clear, weight loss is all about 80% diet and 20% exercise and this formula would not fetch the results you desire if reversed. Cut down calories through diet and burn off the excess fat through exercise for losing weight successfully.

7. Skipping Meals/Starving Through The Day Will Make You Lose Weight: This is an extremely ridiculous way to lose weight. When the body does not get enough energy through food, it will start storing the fat and preserve the existing fat deposits. Also, metabolism will become sluggish and when food becomes available the next time around, it would lead to weight gain. You may think that losing weight means skipping meals and starving, but it would lead to increased cravings, irritability, fatigue, and you would come off the diet sooner than you think. Instead of skipping meals, pick a weight loss diet that encourages you to eat adequately, such as on the Rati Beauty app.

8. Cardio Is The Key To Weight Loss: Depending solely on cardio would not trigger weight loss. Walking, cycling, cross-trainer, etc. can help just a bit. Try and mix various workout routines, from cardio to HIIT, to functional training. Keep alternating your exercise routines for your body to work properly towards a healthy weight loss journey, and find such routines on the Rati Beauty app.

9. Eating Fat Will Make You Fat: We would be debunking the biggest myth going around in the world of weight loss right now – that eating fat makes you fat! In fact, healthy fats are absolutely necessary for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E which are necessary in the fat-burning process. Also, fats do not cause insulin spikes, and as we all know, “insulin” is a hormone that also triggers fat storage. When there is too much insulin in the bloodstream, there are more chances of it getting stored as fat. Healthy fats do not trigger the release of excess insulin, slowing down the process of fat storage.

10. Going Low-Fat and Fat-Free is a Good Way to Lose Weight: What do most people do when they want to lose weight and eat healthy – get rid of all fat from the diet and pick everything low fat and fat free! When fat content is ripped from food, it usually makes it bland and tasteless. To appeal to the tastebuds of consumers, companies add stuff like heaps of sugar, refined carbs, salt, emulsifiers, and thickeners which add high amount of calories to the body. Such a tendency defeats the whole purpose where one is actually going “low fat” to lose weight. Do not say no to fats, consume it in moderation.

11. You Can Replace Refined Sugar with Artificial Sweeteners: Refined sugar has high number of empty calories and artificial sweeteners are considered as a better alternative to white sugar. However, certain studies have found that with regular use, artificial sweeteners may make the cells insulin resistant, and make it difficult for one to lose weight. Check out these other refined sugar alternatives to curb your sugar cravings.

12. You Can Spot Reduce Fat by Exercising: It’s a popular myth that should be debunked right now. Though it’s not possible to spot reduce fat from one area, with overall reduction of body fat percentage, one can lose fat from problematic areas.

13. Going Gluten Free Will Fasten Weight Loss: There’s a huge misconception that avoiding gluten can make the numbers on the weighing scale go down rather quickly. People with autoimmune disorders such as celiac disease and irritable bowel syndrome are allergic to gluten (a group of proteins found in grains) where their immune system triggers a reaction against the presence of gluten in the body and damages the lining of the gut wall, which may further lead to reactions such as diarrhea, anemia, headache, rashes, and even depression. However, people who have not allergic to gluten should not avoid gluten in an effort to shed extra pounds because there are no significant studies available linking weight loss with a gluten-free diet.

14. Diet and Healthy Food is Always Bland: If you think that diet food is about eating tasteless and bland food, then you have not checked out Rati Beauty weight loss meal plans yet. You can lose weight by eating normal, delicious food on these diet programs.

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