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Today I am going to share my experience on VLCC Rose Water Toner. This a skin rejuvenating toner enriched with rose water, aloe vera, mint and dates extract. Let’s read on to know more about this toner.VLCC Rose Water Toner Review Price Photos

Essential oil of rose revitalizes dry and tired skin and provides youthful glow. That is why rose water is the best choice for toning dull skin. In winter my skin becomes dehydrated easily so I use rose based toners. I also use such toner as the base of my homemade face and body ubtans.

About VLCC Rose Water Toner

VLCC Rose Water Toner is a natural toner that helps to maintain your skin’s pH balance, fight acne, hydrate, reinvigorate, moisturize the skin and make it smooth. This skin toner acts as a cooling and purifying agent. It tones, nourishes and balances the skin.


1. Tones and refreshes the skin 

2. Maintain your skin’s pH balance 

3. Hydrates, revitalizes and moisturizes the skinVLCC Rose Water Toner Review Price Photos

Packaging: This toner comes in a white plastic flip-top bottle. The bottle also has screw open mechanism so this bottle can be re-used when the toner get finished. The bottle comes packed in a cardboard box.

I have thrown it out as the necessary information about this product, the ingredient list and expiry date are also mentioned in the bottle’s body. The packaging is sturdy but I got a leaky bottle. Product leaks from the screw portion of the lid whenever the bottle is tilted even slightly.VLCC Rose Water Toner Review Price Photos

Colour & Consistency: The toner has pale pink colour and its consistency is thin, almost watery. It is an alcohol free toner but it contains extracts of magic nut or majuphal which is a powerful natural astringent. VLCC Rose Water Toner does not dry out my skin or cause any redness or irritation like most astringent toners.

Fragrance: This toner has a nice soothing rose fragrance. The fragrance, though artificial, gives a fresh feel. The smell is not intense and vanishes in 5-7 minutes.

Quantity & Price: This toner is priced at Rs.150 for 100ml. Pure rose waters are far more cheap than this toner and produces more or less same results on my skin. Plus, rose waters come in artificial fragrance an preservative form. Considering these facts rose water seems better than this.VLCC Rose Water Toner Review Price Photos

However, this one’s formula has been enhanced with various herbal actives. So, I would suggest buying this on sale time as the price reduces almost 30-40% on discount periods. 

My Overall Thoughts:

I love VLCC’s Lavang moisturizer for oily skin so this time I bought their Rose water based toner. I generally keep a paraben free rose water handy at all times because I love using rose water in my DIY face masks. This VLCC one is not a rose water but a rose water based astringent toning solution for all skin types.

I use salicylic acid based exfoliating face washes so certain parts of my face have become sensitive to strong skin care formulations. So I generally shy away from regular astringents as they tend to cause slight burning. Howver, this rose water toner is far mild than my expectation.

VLCC Rose Water Toner feels soothing on my skin and do not cause any redness or other irritations. It does not cause breakouts. It instantly hydrates the skin but the moisture provided by it needs to be locked with a moisturizer immediately after. Otherwise skin feels dry again. I found it to be a rejuvenating face freshener; there is no long time benefits noticable on my skin as such. 

Rating: 4/5

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