What No One Tells You About Weight Loss

Feeling frustrated about not looking a certain way in the mirror or reaching a particular number on the weighing scale even after working hard can make you question the whole process of trying to lose weight and demotivate you from progressing further. However, don’t hang in the boots yet because we are going to reveal certain facts about weight loss no one tells you about and these things listed below are going to make what seems like a never-ending struggle easy.

What No One Tells You About Weight Loss

1. Your Body is Blocking Weight Loss: We diet, we exercise, but even then we tend to struggle hard to reach our goal weight, and one of the major reasons is that our body does not like to lose fat and does everything it can to prevent weight loss by slowing down metabolism, by creating hormonal imbalances, increasing hunger hormone ghrelin, and keeping one fatigued. Our bodies have learnt to store fat during the evolution process and it’s not easy to undo this complex process. With so much working against us, it would be interesting to find out in which ways the body is blocking weight loss and making it difficult for you to get fit. To swerve around these roadblocks raised by the body, read about different ways to get over these – 21 Tricks to Boost your Metabolism, 20 Ways to Control Hunger Hormone Ghrelin to Lose Weight

2. Losing Weight is Easy: Yes, losing weight is not a never-ending battle, it can be a cakewalk if you follow the right kind of diet. Do check out weight loss diets on the Rati Beauty app for more details.

3. Weight Loss Starts in the Kitchen, Not in the Gym: Someone rightly said, “abs are made in the kitchen, and defined in the gym.” As we have mentioned earlier, a great deal of importance needs to be placed upon nutrition and diet if you are serious about losing weight. If you dream of washboard abs, you need to shed away the fat and build muscle over it. So, make it a point to eat whole grains, protein, healthy fats, fruits, legumes, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fiber to lose excess body fat and bring about body transformation. Only with the right amount of nutrition and exercise, your abs will shape up just the way you like. In fact, high intensity exercises work better in defining abs than spot reducing-based exercises. In fact, do place a great deal of importance on a high-protein and nutritious diet and couple it up with cardio, strength training, and HIIT (7-Minute Fat Burning HIIT Exercises That you Can do At Home).

4. You will no Longer Find Healthy Food Bland and Tasteless: Healthy food isn’t tasteless, just that our tongues have been dulled out by eating processed food with artificial flavours, sweeteners, high salt and loads of sugar on a regular basis. These kind of artificial foods have strong flavours that dull out the palate so much that you find unprocessed and “healthy food” tasteless! All that fast food and junk food also have ingredients that have been processed in such a way that they trigger excessive dopamine release and trigger pleasure centers of the brain so that you seek them again and again, an effect similar to drug addiction. As we have mentioned earlier, eating this kind of food on a regular and daily basis dulls out your tastebuds and in comparison, you would find the subtle flavours of “normal food” comprising of vegetables, whole grains, fruits, etc., “tasteless.” In this post, we will explore further on how to fall in love with healthy food for weight loss.
5. Temporary Weight Fluctuations are Caused by Water Retention: When you know you have not cheated on your diet or missed out exercising, and yet the weighing scale shows wrong numbers, you should probably chill because it’s most probably “water retention.” Too much salt in the diet, dehydration, low-calorie diet can all cause water retention. Read about these amazing tips to get rid of water retention.

6. You Need to Maintain Weight After Experiencing Weight Loss: Yippie, so now you have reached your goal weight after several weeks of following diet programs on the Rati Beauty app! By following the right kind of diet and exercise routine, one can reach their goal weight, but the task is hardly over since the body finds different ways to hoard all the lost fat. Certain studies done have found out that just about 20% of people who have lost weight are able to maintain their weight. However, now maintaining your goal weight should be easy with these 15 ways to keep weight off after losing it all.
7. More Exercise Doesn’t Mean Speedy Weight Loss: Exercise is not an effective tool on its own to lose weight, only when you couple it with a good diet does it help in shaving off extra pounds, after all weight loss is all about 80% diet and 20% exercise.

8. You May Not Be Burning More Calories as you Think: If you are not losing weight even after hitting the gym with a vengeance every single day, you need to really scrutinise whether you are over-calculating the amount of calories burnt through workout. You may be burning 500 calories but if your post-workout meal has 500 calories, you would not drop any weight.

9. Weight Loss Plateau is a Reality: When you are extremely dedicated to exercise and religiously follow dieting, in the beginning, you will see rapid weight loss, but after a point, the number refuses to drop down further. It’s the stage where you have hit plateau, and from there, dropping extra pounds becomes an uphill task. Weight loss plateaus can ruin your progress and make you lose focus. But we would like to mention that hitting a plateau also means you have lost a significant amount of weight and to lose more, you will need to make some changes to boost metabolism and fast track your progress, and get over the plateau. Read about “10 Ways to Overcome Weight Loss Plateau” in this post.

10. Sleep is Tied Tightly to Weight Loss: Sleep deprivation is directly linked to weight gain and obesity. You can do intense exercise, workout every single day, and literally have no food during the day, but don’t expect to lose any weight if you aren’t getting at least 7 hours of sleep in the night. Poor quality of sleep is one of the major reasons for weight gain and obesity. In fact, if you desperately want to get rid of belly fat, just sleep tight in the night. Not having a sound sleep has a spiralling effect when it comes to weight and health – it reduces leptin (satiety hormone) level, increases cortisol production, makes metabolism sluggish, lowers fat-burning enzymes, increases level of the hunger hormone “ghrelin.” So, sleep like a baby all through the night to shed extra flab!

11. It’s all about Making Lifestyle Changes: Weight loss is not limited to diet and exercise, coming out of sedentary lifestyle, eating less of processed food, saying no to added sugar all play important parts. In fact, weight loss is not all about food and exercise – stress, sleep, hormones all can block your progress.
12. You can Eat Enough Food and Still Lose Weight: Isn’t that great?! Food deprivation has been promoted by fad diets, but for long-term successful weight loss, you have to eat right, not less. Check out Rati Beauty weight loss diets to know more, and you can lose weight like a boss!

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