Will Watching Cooking Shows Make You Overweight?

What? That sounds preposterous? How can watching cooking shows and drooling over delicious food on instagram and other social media feed make you obese? If you are still shaking your head in disbelief how digital grazing can lead to weight gain, we would like to ask you this question – how many times have you whipped up the yummy Dalogna Coffee after it had flooded the internet and watching it all over your social media feed last year? Dalogna coffee is a frothy, sugar-rich coffee drink that is whipped up to a delicious consistency. Now, would you admit that you absolutely could not resist the temptation to whip up this delicious coffee after watching numerous pics and videos of people all over the world making this relatively easy and inviting sweet coffee treat. But people who got addicted to Dalogna coffee soon realized that giving into their temptation was not doing their waistline any favour. We are not generalizing all cooking shows here, but a majority of them feature unhealthy yet appetizing food that you would tempted to try at least once. Have you noticed how while scrolling through social media feed featuring food or while watching cookery shows, you have had this sudden urge to eat, irrespective of whether it’s meal time or not. However, there are intriguing ways in which cooking shows (on both TV and social media) can cause weight gain, without you even realizing that these shows which teach you how to cook and introduce you to exciting culinary delights are one of the major culprits that make you gain weight and prevent weight loss from happening. But how, let’s find out:

Will Watching Cooking Shows Make You Overweight

1. They Trigger Psychological Hunger: Researchers have concluded that watching cookery shows can trigger psychological and physiological hunger, which is a desire to eat without any physical cue. Psychological hunger can weaken the strongest will power and increase cravings and desire to eat that particular food. All these cookery shows with delicious-looking food, detail out how they can be made from a scratch, and can actually push you to try them out. Giving into such temptations can create a calorie surplus, leading to weight gain.

2. When it comes to cooking shows – researchers have realized that the audience can be divided into two categories – the “viewers” and the “doers.” Viewers do not take action after they watch such shows whereas doers actually try out those enticing recipes and most of them are high-calorie, sugary delights that leads to rapid weight gain. Appetizing food is everyhere, on your TV, OTT platforms, instagram feeds, on Facebook, and can awaken the innate chef in us. Most of these shows can actually awaken your appetite and influence food choices, a majority of them undoubtedly would be high-calorie stuff.

3. It’s a fact that just thinking about delicious food can make you salivate and trigger insulin release. Now, if you are addicted to cookery shows, do keep in mind that they can cause a cephalic response and lead to insulin release even though you haven’t eaten anything. Insulin, as we all know, is also a fat-storage hormone, and would encourage the conversion of excess calories into fat.

4. Watching cookery shows also influences food choices. A study was done recently where half of the participants were made to watch 10 minutes of cooking show and the other half were made to watch a documentary on nature. Researchers found that people who watched the cooking show picked unhealthy treats whereas the ones who watched documentary picked healthier options. This study proves how viewing cooking shows can influence our food choices.

This post is not to alarm all you foodies and budding chefs out there who get their inspiration by watching cooking shows. Instead, we would love to tell you about the benefits of healthy eating and that such kind of food need not be bland or tasteless. If you are someone who wants to desperately lose weight, but want to do so without starving or depriving yourself of yummy food, then check out the various diet programs on the Rati Beauty app, and cook delicious homemade without worrying about putting on weight.

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