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Today I am going to share my experience with Wow Mineral Face Wash with Red Volcanic Clay. I love mineral based skin care products as they work really well for my skin. WOW Skin Science Mineral Face Wash Review Photos Price

This particular face wash is unique to me because this wash contains Red Volcanic Clay as an active ingredient. The Brazilian Red clay is actually Kaolin clay. Kaolin clay is a very mild on the skin and it does not dry out the skin like fuller’s earth or bentonite clay. Apart from clay this wash also contains aloe vera extract, vitamin B5 and E. Read on to find more on this product.

About Wow Mineral Face Wash with Red Volcanic Clay

WOW Amazon Rainforest Mineral Face Wash with Red Volcanic Clay is the answer to blotchy, aging, tired skin. This face wash has with red volcanic clay from Amazon Rain Forests of Brazil which is rich in healthy minerals with many skin benefits. The clay helps remove the skin-dulling dead skin layer. It also helps firm up the skin and even out the complexion. With regular use, your skin feels firm, supple and looks bright and radiant. 


1. Formulated to deliver anti-aging and anti-dulling skin care 

2. Red Volcanic Clay helps fight the signs of aging as it is rich in minerals that remove dead skin cells from the skin and help firm it up 

3. Aloe Vera Extract helps to soothe redness and increase hydration levels in the skin 

4. Vitamins B5 and E work to boost moisture retention, fade scars, and banish free radicals that harm your skin 

5. 100% Vegan with No Parabens, Sulphate, Silicones or ColorWOW Skin Science Mineral Face Wash Review Photos Price

Packaging: This face wash comes in a transparent plastic tube with flip-open mechanism. The label graphics mentions complete ingredient list, usage guide and some special tips to make the best out of this product. Though it is a big tube of 100ml, it is spill-proof, sleek and travel-friendly.

Colour& Consistency: WOW Mineral Face Wash is a gel based formula of medium to thick consistency. Its colour is earthy red due to the presence of red clay particles in the wash. This wash is sulfate free so there is almost no foam. The wash does not contain artificial colorants, silicones and parabens as well.WOW Skin Science Mineral Face Wash Review Photos Price

Fragrance: There is a faint floral fragrance in this wash. The smell, though very light, stays 5-10 minutes after application. The smell does not feel overpowering. I enjoy the unique herbal smell.

Quantity & Price: This wash is priced at Rs.349 for 100gm. This face cleanser is free from certain harmful chemicals as it replaces parabens with sodium benzoate, sulfates with milder sarcosinate.

This one also contains various hydrating and skin friendly ingredients like kaolin clay, lactate vitamins and lactate. These are definitely costlier ingredients than their cheaper and harmful chemical counterparts. So, the price is kind of justified.

My Overall Thoughts:

This face wash is meant for people with mature skin. However, this can be used by people with almost all skin types including sensitive skin. This wash is a very mild cleanser. It clenases off the excess oil, dirt and impurities without overdrying my skin. I have severe acne issues but this one did not trigger new pimples or aggravated the existing ones.

I found this wash to be very gentle and soothing. Though WOW Mineral Face Wash does not claim anything about pore cleansing, it gives certain amount of relief from clogged pores. This might not be enough for extremely oily skin but for dry or combination skin like mine, this one is an effective face cleanser.

Rating: 4.5/5

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